We’re thrilled to announce the return of our annual Thanksgiving Day workout: “5k Gone Bird”‼️🦃🏃🏽‍♀️

When: 8-10am at @proximalstrength X @crossfitspringfield Thanksgiving morning.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate fitness & community before we feast w friends and family.

This event is open to the public – free entry for Proximal Strength members. Non-members: $10 drop in fee for adults / $5 for kids.

5K Gone Bird consists of 5 – 1000m runs with basic CrossFit movements worked in between each run. It’s fun, accessible, and scalable for ALL ages and fitness levels!

Doors will open at 7:30am. We will start the first heat promptly at 8am. You may start anytime after 8am but all athletes will need to be finished by 10am as the gym will close at that time.

Be sure to like, share, and invite friends + family!! 🙏🏽❤️🦃

Workouts for the Week of 11.20.22

Monday 11.21.22

Proximal Endurance 2.5K Turkey Day WOD

5 rounds:

Run 500 meters

6 Hand Release Push Ups

6 Burpees

6 Jumping Air Squats

6 G2OH w/#45/25 lb plate

6 OH Lunges w/#45/25 lb plate

6 Plate Thrusters w/#45/25 lb plate.

After you complete the reps, back to the run.

You will run overall total time.

Thursday 11.24.22

5K Gone Bird.

Come join us at the gym for a great Thanksgiving workout.

1000m Run
30 Hand Release Push Ups
1000m Run
30 Parallette Squat Jumps
1000m Run
10 KBS (55/35#)
10 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
10 Burpees
1000m Run
30 Stationary OH Lunges (45/25#)
1000m Run
30 Thrusters (45/35#)


Cold Temps are here! We always like outside, but colder weather moves the classes to inside runners. This provides us opportunities to utilize the bike and ski ergs. We incorporate bodyweight and lightweight workouts during these winter months along with running, ski, and bike.

Workouts for the Week of 11.13.22

Monday.11.14.22 @5:30 pm

Loose Change

10 min EMOM

Run 50m every minute.

8 min EMOM

Run 75m every minute (Scale 50m)

6 min EMOM (Scale 75m)

Run 100m every min

Rest 2:00

4 minutes:

Run 200m Rest 1:00 Run 200m

Rest Remaining Time Left.

2 Minutes:

Run 400m for time.

You will score the 2x200m runs+rest time and the 400m run.

There will be two separate scores.

This will be a speed endurance workout.

Thursday.11.17.22 @5:30 pm

Time Warp

400m fast, 2 min rest

600m moderate, 2 min rest

300m fast, 2 min rest

500m moderate/fast, 2 min rest

200m fast, 2 min rest

500m moderate/fast, 2 min rest

300m fast, 2 min rest

600m moderate, 2 min rest

400m fast

This will be a V02 workout. You will score for total time.


Good Luck to some of our athletes tomorrow in the Bass Pro Conservation Marathon.

Workouts for the Week of 11.6.22

Monday 11.7.22


Part 1:


800m moderate pace

300m walk after each rep.

Part 2:

150m controlled sprint as fast as you can maintain

150m walk after each rep.

Part 1 will be an aerobic workout. Part 2 will be a speed workout.

You will score each part separate.

Scaled or Beginner Runner:

Part 1: 4x

400m (Run 50 meters, Walk 50 meters)

You will run a total of 1600m.

Part 2: 4x

100m run.

100m walk.


Proximal Strength Endurance Veteran's Day WOD

Perform 11 rounds for time. 
11 Burpee Pull Ups 
11/8 Cals Echo Bike 
220 meter run.  
We are honoring our veterans for this workout. Take time during the day to thank a veteran or do something for a veteran that day. 
If you want to wear a weight vest, feel free to wear one. 


Workouts for the week of 10.29.22

Monday 10.31.22


(31) minute running clock: (31 for Oct. 31)

You will start with a 100 meter run then Max burpees within a three minute time cap.

The runs will gradually increase and stay moving on the burpees.

Should be a scary workout. Get it.

You will work for 3:00 and rest 1:00 with each round.


100 meter run and Max Burpees.

4:00 – 8:00

100 meter run and Max burpees

8:00 – 12:00

200 meter run and Max burpees

12:00 – 16:00

200 meter run and Max burpees

16:00 – 20:00

300 meter run and Max burpees

20:00 – 24:00

300 meter run and Max burpees.

24:00 – 28:00

400 meter run and Max burpees

28:00 – 31:00

400 meter run and Max burpees

The goal is to finish the work within the time prescribed and perform Max Burpees. This will be a strength endurance workout.

You will score total burpees performed in the workout.

Thursday 11.3.22

1000 Watt Bulb

4×1000 meter runs.

Rest 3:00 B/T intervals.

Go from a easy pace to a fast pace by your last run. Focus on getting faster each interval. You will score each 1000 meter run individually.

This will be a aerobic threshold workout.


Workouts for the Week of 10.23.22

Monday 10.24.22

Who’s Going

3 Rounds:

100m run PR pace or faster

150m recover jog

Rest :60

2x100m run PR pace or faster (Reset for :10 seconds in between runs)


200m recover jog

Rest :60

3x100m run PR pace or faster


250m recover jog

Rest 2:00, repeat x2

You will score for total time in this workout. This is a speed workout and maintain your PR pace and find your recovery jog sustainable pace.

Thursday 10.27.22


1000m run (Easy to Moderate Pace), rest :60

500m run (Moderate to Fast Pace), rest :60

800m run (Easy to Moderate Pace), rest :60

400m run (Fast Pace), rest :60

600m run (Moderate to Fast Pace), rest :60

300m run (Fast Pace), rest :60

400m run (Moderate to Fast Pace), rest :60

200m run (Fast Pace)

Rest 2:00

8×100 shuttle runs. No pace.

You will score the this workout for total time. This will be a lactate threshold workout. Longer intense intervals with less rest between intervals. There is a lot of volume with a total of 5000 meters.


That’s a WRAP!

HOA 2022 is a wrap!

Lots of sweat, blood, and tears this weekend. Great weekend with our team, GeriatRX and some old friends for whom we have been competing against for years from Bar X Crossfit. There were lots of great performances and efforts this weekend. Shout out to Proximal Strength for hosting and putting on a terrific comp this year.

Workouts for the Week of 9.25.22

Monday 9.26.22 @5:30 pm

We will be providing an active recovery workout and mobility/stretching for any athletes who competed this past weekend.

Thirty Minutes: Stretching and mobility.

Twenty Minutes:

There’s Something About Mary!


Athlete will run 100m and rest remaining time within each minutes. You will repeat this sequence for the duration.

There is no prescribed pace. Just finish the 100m run within the minute.

You will score your slowest timed interval.

Active Recovery Workout:

For those athletes looking to loosen up from HOA and get the legs moving from the weekend.

You will still work under the twenty minute time cap. You will start with walking only for 200m. Depending on how you feel, then repeat a sequence of 50m easy jog/50m walk. Keep this pattern for the duration of the time cap.

You can also just walk for 200m too. Just keep moving.

Thursday 9.29.22


45 Minute Running Clock:

Walk 50 meters, jog 150m, rest :10 seconds, run 200m Fast Pace = 1 Round.

Rest :30

Repeat this sequence in AMRAP style (Rounds and Reps)

If you are in the middle of the round, 100m=1 Rep.

The run sequence will consist of walking to 50 meter mark, jogging to the 200m turnaround mark, then 200m run back to start line. All runs will be within a 400m course.

The 150 m jog should be at a easy conversational pace.

The 200m run will be at a pace as you can maintain equal or faster than your MILE PR pace.

This will be a aerobic workout with elements of speed.


Come check us out this week as we take on a classic running workout with a sandy twist.

Workouts for the Week of 9.11.2022

Monday 9.12.22 @5:30 pm

Sandy “TOSH”

Partner WOD:

Each pair will run the following for time with a 50/35 sandbag.
While one person runs, the other rests.

Three Rounds:
200m run
400m run
600m run.

Partner/or Individual TOSH:

Performed with no sandbag.

Three rounds:
200m run
400m run
600m run

Rest while partner runs or your rest time is the amount of time from previous interval ran.

Three Rounds:
100m run
200m run
400m run

Thursday 9.15.22 @5:30 pm


Four (4) rounds:
600m moderate pace (Goal pace is :03-:05 seconds slower per 100m than your MILE PR pace)
Rest :60 seconds
Run 30m into a 20m sprint then into 50m walk.
Rest :60 seconds
200m Fast (MILE PR pace)
Rest :60 seconds
Repeat x3

Scaled version:
Four Rounds:
400m run at your pace.
Rest :60
Run 50m, Walk 50m.
Rest :60
150m run at your own pace.

Rest :60
Repeat x3


We will not be having our normal scheduled class on Labor Day. We will continue regular programming on Thursday, Sept. 8th.

Workouts for the Week of 9.3.202

No Class on Monday. Have a great Labor Day!

Thursday, 9.8.22 @5:30 pm

Moderately Neato

4 Sets:

Thirty Two Minute running clock:

Each set will have a 8:00 minute time cap.

Complete all work within each time cap. Once the work is complete rest remaining time.

800m Moderate Pace. Moderate pace is = :03-:05 seconds per 100m.

Rest 1:00

:45 seconds easy pace, rest :30.

Rest 1:00 b/t sets.

Score each set separate for time. There will be four (4) scores.


We are about four weeks out from the Heart of America Competition. This gives you about three weeks of endurance programming to get you ready. Come check us out on Monday/Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm.

Workouts for the Week of 8.28.22

Monday 8.29.22 @5:30 pm

Sandy Beaches

1600m sandbag run 50/35

Run 100m and then perform (1) Sand Bag Squats.

Every 100m interval, +1 sand bag squats.

This workout will be about the squats. Run 100m at a time and then perform the squats. Break as needed with the squats. The goal is to complete each 100m interval without dropping the sand bag. You will score the workout for total time.

Thursday 9.1.22 @5:30 pm

Forrest Gump

Thirty Six Minute running clock:


Run 300m rest :60

Complete as many 300m runs within the thirty six minute time cap.

300m/200m run = 1 rep

There is no prescribed pace. This will be a aerobic workout.

Beginner (Scaled) runners:

Twenty Four (24) minute running clock:

Complete as many 200m runs within the time cap.


It doesn’t matter if this first day of Kindergarten or Move In day to college. We wish everyone a smooth transition back to school. Shout out to teachers and parents who shuffle your kids in and out of school and the various activities.

Workouts for the Week of 8.21.22

Monday 8.22.22 @5:30 pm

Three's Company 
Part 1:  
300m run Easy to Moderate pace. 
rest :60
300m run Moderate to Fast pace. 
rest :60
400m at moderate pace to Fast Pace
Rest 3:00 

Part 2: 
3x200m run Fast Pace 
3x150 run Fast Pace 
rest :30 b/t each interval. 
Rest 2:00 

Part 3:
Run paces as fast as you can maintain. This can be anywhere from a moderate to fast pace. Base your pace on feel and how your legs are feeling. 
400m run, walk 100m
300m run, walk 100m 
200m run, walk 50m 
150m run. Done. 

Total distance: 3450 meters. 

Thursday 8.25.22 @5:30 pm

Bridge Time
There will be a thirty-five minute running clock. 
Complete as many over and backs as possible within the time cap.
Run over and back for time, rest :90 b/t intervals. 

Your pace will be determined by each athlete. 

You will record the workout for total reps completed (Over/Back=1) and you will record your slowest interval time.