WODS for Week of 6.17.18

Happy Father’s Day!

CFE wants to wish all the dads out there a great Father’s Day. Thanks to all the dads out there who invest and take time to spend time with their families and children each and every day and selfless service as a dad.

WODS for the Week of 6.17.18

Short Interval Monday (6.17.18) 5:30 pm

bridge workout

Workout Description:

30 minutes

Every three minutes you will perform one max effort bridge repeat (Over/Back). You will rest remaining time. Repeat this cycle for thirty minutes.

32 minutes

SCALED: Every four minutes you will perform one max effort bridge repeat (Over/Back). You will rest remaining time. Repeat this cycle for thirty-two minutes.

Workout Detail:

Try to maintain the same pace on each max effort bridge repeat. Use your recovery time to achieve the maximum effort.

Your Pace:

This is an all out max effort. Try to stay within 3-5 seconds of your interval times.

Your Score:

Record your fastest Bridge Repeat interval time.

Methodology: Speed Endurance Total Meters: Each bridge repeat will be approximately 370 meters.

Long Interval Thursday (6.21.18) 5:30 pm

partner 6k

Workout Description:

Each partner must run each of the following intervals in this order– 300 meters, 400 Meters, 300 meters, 500 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters.  Each partner will take turns (one rests while the other runs). 

Workout Detail:

Focus on recovery and getting rest to complete the intervals.

Your Pace:

Focus on hitting a moderate pace or be within :10-20 seconds of your Mile PR pace.

Your Score:

The score it total time it takes you and your partner to complete the 6K distance.

Methodology: Aerobic Threshold Total Meters: 6000 meters=3.728 miles.








WODS for the Week of 6.10.2018

Congratulations to Crossfit Springfield!

This month please join us in congratulating Crossfit Springfield on ten years of selfless service, and dedication to change lives everyday.  Crossfit Endurance is proud to be a part of this awesome community and hope to continue our path and hope to reach a decade of excellence one day.

Nick Hostler WOD

Great turnout for the Nick Hostler WOD this past Saturday.  One way to find out the heart of person is reflected in those who honor him for his selfless work and dedication to serving others.  I am sure Nick was looking down upon us and smiling knowing we were all doing something that he loved.

Where are Coach Allison and Jenn C?

Coach Allison and Coach Jenn are somewhere traveling the world. Safe travels girls and looking forward to seeing you back at the gym soon. I posted some traveling dog pics, because I know you would like it.

WODS for the Week of 6.10.2018

Short Interval 5:30 pm Monday (6.10.18)

easy always gets fast

Workout Description:

4 x 200 at moderate pace, with 200m easy jog following each interval

Rest 2 min

4 x 300 at moderate pace, with 100m walk following each interval

Rest 2 min

4 x 400 at moderate pace, with :60 sec rest between intervals

Workout Details:

The focus on the workout is to maintain your moderate pace and on all of the intervals.  This isn’t a sprint effort, but working on your moderate paces.

Your Pace:

MODERATE: This is slower than your mile PR pace. Moderate pace depends on your volume and typically 1-2 seconds/100M slower and so on.  Unless the the volume is significant, and you would add more per 100M.  It also would depend on the variable you are trying to manipulate such as intensity, volume, or recovery. Not Distance.

Your Score:

The WOD is for total time.

Methodology: Aerobic Threshold Total Meters: 4800 meters=2.983

HERO WOD Thursday 5:30 pm (6.14.18)

hotshots 19

HERO WOD–“Hotshots 19”

Six rounds for time: 30 air squats, 19 reps power clean 135/95, 7 strict pull-ups, run 400m

*Scaled rounds, reps, or loads as needed*






WODS for the Week of 6.3.2018

Congratulation to Barb and Claudia!

Barb and Claudia completed there first 25K Trail Run Race at the War Eagle Trail Run at Hobbs State Park in Rogers, Arkansas. We are proud of your accomplishment and being awesome.

WODS for the Week of 6.3.2018

Short Interval Monday (6.4.2018) 5:30 pm

2000 meter time trial/abs for days

Workout Description:

2000 Meter Time Trial

Recover with a 800 meter walk. The coach will lead a post recovery cool down and stretching session.


We will conduct a ab session to end the class.

Workout Detail:

The goal is to push your limits with a max effort 2000 meter time trial.

Your Pace:

The pace is all out effort on the 2000 meter time trial.

Methodology: Speed Endurance  Total Distance: 2000 meters

Scoring: You will score for total time.

Long Interval 6.7.2018 (5:30 pm)


Workout Description:

Two X (1000 meter run, 800 meter run, 500 meter run, 300 meter run)

1000 meters at your Mile PR pace +:30 seconds.

200 meter easy jog

800 meters at your Mile PR pace + :24 seconds.

200 meter easy jog

500 meters at your Mile PR pace + :15 seconds.

200 meter walk

300 meter HOT!

200 meter walk.

2:00 minute rest. After the two minute rest, you will complete the above cycle again for time.

Workout Details:

The goal is to control your pace in the first 1000 m. The pace for this will feel easy. However this is a continuous effort from the 1000s to the 500s. That’s 2700 meters. Although the recovery during your 200m jog (slowly as needed) will be important, but the  most important recovery is the 200m walk after the 500s because the 300m pace is fast. After your hot 300, walk the prescribed 200m plus take your 2 minute additional rest between sets, then go get that 2nd round.

Your Pace:

You will calculate your Mile PR pace for the 1000m, 800m, 500m distances. You will add :30 seconds to your 1000m, :24 seconds to your 800m, and :15 seconds  to your 500m.


The goal is to hit your target paces and recover yourself for that hot 300m.  Keep focused on nailing these times. Your 300m pace should be noticeably faster than the others. Focus on your 300m pace to be at or below your Mile PR pace.

Methodology: Lactate Threshold Total Distance: 6800 meters= 4.225 miles

Scoring: You will score TWO separate rounds, not counting the 2:00 rest.


WODS for the Week of 5.27.2018: Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Salute to our veterans and service personnel this week who keep us safe and allow us to enjoy our freedoms and privileges.

Memorial Day Murph

Join the Crossfit community tomorrow at Kickapoo High School for the Memorial Day Murph. The WOD will kick off at 9:00 am.  Photo courtesy above from Joe and a Camera.

WODS for the Week of 5.27.2018


There will be no classes at Crossfit Springfield Endurance. Please join us at the Community Murph WOD at Kickapoo High School.

Thursday Long Interval 5.31.2018 5:30 pm

team tosh

Workout Description:

In Teams of 2
3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
600 Meter Run

Workout Details:

One athlete works at a time. Rest the time it takes partner to complete each interval.

Your Pace:

Focus on your pace and look to go at your MILE PR pace on every interval. Utilize your rest periods effectively.

Methodology:  Speed Endurance     Total Distance:   3600=2.237 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.



WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

WODS for the Week of 5.20.2018

Short Interval 5.21.2018 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

600m run

3:00 minute rest

500m run

2:30 minute rest

400m run

2:00 minute rest

300m run

1:30 minute rest

200m run

1:00 minute rest

100m run

:30 second rest



Workout Details:

The workout is designed to hit the distances in a pyramid scheme starting with the biggest interval first down to a smaller sprint interval and decreasing rest periods. Focus on recovery and hitting the aggressive pace for this workout.

Your Pace:

All intervals will be at your Mile PR pace or faster. Try to maintain these paces and recover enough to obtain the paces.

Methodology:  Speed Endurance     Total Distance:   2150 meters= 1.30 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.

Long Interval 5.24.2018 5:30 pm

hard charging

Workout Description:

5 Rounds:

400m @ Moderate Pace

100m at easy pace

200m at fast or 2k PR pace

100m at easy pace


Rest 2:00 between rounds

Workout Details:

This workout is structured to provide less rest between reps, disallowing complete recovery between reps. Therefore, you must strive to keep from “red-lining” too early in the round in order to meet your paces throughout the workout.

Your Pace:

Fast pace=2k PR pace or faster; Moderate pace=2k PR pace + 8-10 sec/500m; Sprint pace=you guessed it…max effort!

Methodology:  Lactate Threshold     Total Distance:   4500m = 2.80 miles

Scoring:       WOD is for total time.


WODS for the Week of 5.13.18: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Not only are mom’s smart and beautiful, they are also strong and determined.

Crossfit Endurance wants to thank all the endless times are moms took care of us and watched out for us.  Happy Mother’s Day from all of your coaches at Crossfit Springfield Endurance.

Hot Weather Coming!

It wasn’t too long ago we were battling the cold and winter blues. The hot weather is coming and please ensure you come to class with hydration.  We also recognize that hot weather brings potential health hazards. Please ensure to let the coaches know if your feeling overheated or dizzy.  We don’t want our athletes to put themselves in any position where they might overheat.

WODS for the Week of 5.13.18

(Week Four of Twelve Week Interval)

Monday Short Interval (5.14.18) 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

Three Sets:

500 Meters Fast, 200 Meter Recovery Jog, 100 Meter Sprint. No rest between intervals.

Rest 5:00 minutes between sets.

Workout Details:

ALL your attention should be on your opening 500m interval. Pick an aggressive pace for your first set, and then repeat this pace for sets two and three. The race course will have each athlete run to the 500 meter turnaround and back. Then the athlete will do a recovery jog to the 200 meter turnaround and back. You will then sprint 100 meters to the 200 meter turnaround. Done.

Your Pace:

This WOD has three different paces. Your 500m pace must be faster than your mile PR pace, but slower than your 400m PR pace. Your 100m sprint pace must be equal to or faster than your 400m PR pace. Use your 200m recovery jog in order to hit your 100m pace goal.

Your Score:

The wod is for total time.


V02 Max

Total Distance:

2400 meters= 1.491 miles.

Thursday Long Interval (5.17.18) 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

8 Sets

200 Meters at Moderate Pace

200 Meter Sprint

400 Meter Recovery Jog

There is no rest between each set.

Workout Details:

Your race course will be have each athlete run to the 400 turnaround meter mark at a moderate pace. At the 400 meter turnaround you will sprint to the 800 meter turnaround mark.  Once you reach the 800 meter turnaround mark you will run back to start line for your 400 meter recovery jog. You will repeat this seven more times. Even though this wod feels like a sprint you end up running a total of four miles.

Your Pace:

Aim to keep your moderate pace consistent, and utilize your recovery jogs to regain control of your breathing following the sprint. There should be three distinct and notable change between each of the three paces. The moderate pace should be 1-2 seconds slower per 100 meters from your Mile PR pace.  The sprint should be at or below your Mile PR pace. The recovery jog pace is at easy pace and conversational pace.

Your Score:

The WOD is for total time.


Aerobic Threshold

Total Distance:

6400 meters=3.97 miles




WODS for the Week of 5.6.2018: May the Force Be With You

Thelma and Louise(x2) take Down the Buffalo River Biathlon.

Congrats to some of our CFE and CFS athletes who competed recently at the Buffalo River State Park in Arkansas in the Buffalo River Biathlon.  These gals tackled the biathlon with a canoe and trail race portion. Congrats to Kristy Taylor, Barb Wallace, Tori Kubick and Allison Gregory.  Looks like a little bit Thelma and Louise, Cousin Eddie RV, and  Deliverance (Banjo music optional)

All The Lovely Things

Coach Jennifer Cochran has taken a leap of faith and is now blogging.  Please check out her blog and feel free to take in her encouragement.  It’s a great read. Check it out below:



WODS for the Week of 5.6.18

Week Three of Twelve Week Cycle

Monday (5.7.18) Short Interval 5:30 pm

NorCal Fiber (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:

6×600 meter runs

300m at fast to moderate pace, 100m at mile PR pace, 200m at Max Effort.
200m recovery jog plus 3:00 additional rest between efforts
(Run Course: Run to 300m turnaround and back; Run to 50m turnaround and back; Run to 400m turnaround (200m); Jog back to start line from 400m turnaround(200m); Rest 3:00 minutes. Repeat this run course five (5) more times.
But WAIT!!! You’re not done!!!
Load up the sleds for MORE muscle recruitment! Sled Loads M=4 x 45  F=2 x 45, 2 x 25
FINISH with 4 x 50m sled push with 200m recovery jog between first efforts.
Sled Course: Set up sleds at start line. You will push 25 meters down and back.

Workout Details:

The purpose of the opening 300m is to create muscular fatigue.  The 100m is to increase the number of recruited fibers.  The final 200m teaches you to use those recruited fibers when fatigued.
This is not a jog, walk, run workout. 
This is a HARDER, HARD, HARDEST workout.
The sleds. Well they are just there to increase your aerobic capacity. DUH.

Your Pace:

There will be three different paces to this workout.  The opening 300m is intended to be moderate to fast pace. So calculate your 300m Mile PR pace and maybe go 3-5 seconds slower. The 100m run is at your Mile PR pace and the final 200m is a max effort.  The recovery jog will be at your pace.

Your Score:

The wod is for total time. Don’t Include the sleds. That’s just extra credit.


Strength Endurance

Total Distance:

3600 meters=2.24 miles.

200 meters of sleds.

Long Interval (5.10.18) Thursday 5:30 pm

Molasses (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:


300m run, 200m jog, 200m run, 100m walk, 400m run (1200 Meters)

Rest 2:00 between each set.

Run Course: Run to 300m turnaround and back; 200m turnaround and back; walk to 50m turnaround and back; run to 400m turnaround and back. That’s one set. Rest 2:00. Repeat this run course three more times.

Workout Details:

The 200m jog should be a recovery pace.  This will incorporate various paces and recovery jogs.

Your Pace:

Your 300m, 200m, and 400m run intervals must have the same pace. Target a pace that is between 1-2sec/100m slower than your 1-mile PR pace. For example, an athlete with a mile PR of 8:00 (or 30sec/min) would target their 300m at 1:24-1:27, their 200m at 56-58 sec, and their 400m at 1:52-1:56.

Your Score:

WOD is for total time.


V02 Max

Total Distance:

4800 meters= 3.00 miles


WODS for the Week of 4.29.18: Pace Calculation Revisited/OMRR Frisco Run Recap

CFE representing at the 10th Annual Ozarks Greenways-OMRR Frisco Railroad Run

Congrats to this crew for finishing the 8K (From Left to Right: Steve and Kara Boehmer, Zach and Chelsea Houser, Jon and Sarah Sharp)

Also shout out to Dana Coale to finishing First in the 50K in her age group.  Great Job.

Coaches Corner-Pace and Calculating Pace

We always have several questions in regards to pacing. Let’s dive in.

EASY: Conversational Pace or truly a easy pace to allow recovery between runs.

FAST: This is the pace for standard distances as a mile PR pace.  This is the primary pace we utilize for the majority of our runs. It’s ok to go faster than your prescribed pace but only if your able to maintain that pace throughout the WOD. Otherwise, you’ve misjudged and gone out too fast.

MODERATE: This is slower than your mile PR pace. Moderate pace depends on your volume and typically 1-2 seconds/100M slower and so on.  Unless the the volume is significant, and you would add more per 100M.  It also would depend on the variable you are trying to manipulate such as intensity, volume, or recovery. Not Distance.

FASTEST: This is closer to your 400M PR pace.

MAX EFFORT: This is reserved for a true all-out sprint.

If your ever needing help with your pacing just ask one of the coaches.



WODS for the Week of 4.29.2018

Week 2 Cycle

Monday Short Interval 5:30 pm

Vapor Trail (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:

Round 1: 3×150 meter reps; 2:00 minute rest between reps;

Rest 7:00 minutes;

Round 2: 3×150 meter reps; 2:00 minute rest between reps;

Rest 7:00 minutes;

Round 3: 3×150 meter reps; 2:00 minute rest between reps.


Workout Details:

The purpose of this workout is to teach your body how to recruit fast twitch fibers with increasing heavy fatigue. Expect your fatigue to build rep after rep, and set after set, because the rest is NOT enough to allow full recovery. Retain your form in Set 1. Push your intensity in Sets 2 & 3 to match your Set 1 results.

Your Pace:

This week, you’re gaging EFFORT to set your pace, vs. coming to class with a set time goal. Set 1 is 95% of max effort. Don’t short yourselves–GO 95%.For sets 2 & 3: match your first round average 150m times.  This is your chance to push yourself. You have lots of rest between rounds so go for it.

Your Score:

You will have three separate scores for Round 1,2, and 3.


Speed Strength Endurance

Total Distance:

1350 Meters=.839 miles

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm

Lunch Money (Hinshaw)

Workout Description:

Round 1: 1200m, followed by 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m run, 3:00 rest;

Round 2: 1000m, followed by 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m, 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m, 3:00 rest;

Round 3: 800m, followed by 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m, 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m, 2:00 easy recovery jog, 200m. DONE.

Workout Details:

You will run the longer distance then a 2:00 recovery jog is accomplished by running 1:00 out, then 1:00 back to the start line, then a 200m timed run again.  You will decrease the overall meters on your longer run but increase your recovery jog and 200m intervals. There is 3:00 rest between rounds.

Your Pace:

The pace for each opening interval (1200, 1000, etc.) is always at the same moderate intensity. The moderate intensity should feel sustainable. Target a controlled speed for your first interval. A good target speed would be approximately 3 sec/100m slower than your mile PR speed. For example: an athlete with a 6min/mile PR (or an average of 22.5 sec/100m) would target an opening moderate pace of 25.5 sec/100m.

All the 200m intervals should be at a slightly faster pace than your opening interval. A good target speed would be approximately 2 sec/100m slower than your mile PR speed. For example: an athlete with a 6min/mile PR would target an opening moderate pace of 24.5 sec/100m.

Your Score:

This wod is for Total Time.


Lactate Threshold

Total Distance:

4800 meters=2.98 miles



WODS for the Week of 4.22.2018

Elizabeth Koch Continues her goal to get to the Boston Marathon.

For those who don’t Elizabeth Koch, she is the creator and a core foundation of the Crossfit Springfield Endurance program.  She has had several travels following her family around and has obtained a momentous achievement by running a 3:38:33 marathon time.  This time was  a Personal Record and will assist her in the application to hopefully qualify her for the 2019 Boston Marathon.  This has been a lifetime goal for Elizabeth.  Shout out and congrats from the CFE family at Crossfit Springfield.


Thanks to those who came out last week to join us for the HERO WOD SMYKOWSKI.  It was a great turnout and thanks to those athletes who come out to our HERO WODs on the third Thursday of the Month.  Please join us next month as we will be joining in on the Memorial Day Murph.

What is Aerobic Capacity?

As CrossFitters, we all know and understand the concept of ‘constantly varied’, and have come to embrace it in our daily training. We understand that in CrossFit, we specialize in not specializing…and we aspire to become well-rounded and conditioned athletes by way of this philosophy.

At CrossFit Endurance, we aim to bridge your ability to perform at your maximum potential–on and off the gym floor. Your intent focus on PR’ing your lifts on the gym floor involves attention to detail–mechanics, technique, and drills. The same can be said on the back lot, where the same attention to detail vastly improves your capacity to run (and WOD) harder and smarter! Combining your weekly CrossFit WODs with weekly CrossFit Endurance programming maximizes your potential in both realms.

Determining Your Sustainable Pace

We’re aiming to get away from a couple of things here. First, the athlete that claims, ” I only have one pace.” Second, the athlete that comes out to run (awesome), but with no discernable goal or ballpark idea as to the pace they are capable of achieving and/or maintaining in any given workout (less awesome). We need to know a couple of things about ourselves–what is the maximal amount of oxygen we can bring in through the atmosphere and push through our muscles (VO2 Max), and what percentage of that becomes our sustainable pace? In other words, how close can we come–and stay–to the “red line” before we cross it?

The answer is, of course, different for each of us. We as coaches, however, are challenged to find for each of you just exactly what it is you need to increase your overall aerobic capacity. You should think about this, too! Consider this:  at what point during a 15-minute metcon, or a one-mile run, do you “give up?” Do you barrel out guns a-blazin’ and by the 3/4 mark, are envisioning your certain demise? Are you a “pacemaster?” Do you start out maybe a bit slower than others, but do so in knowing that you will still be going strong in the end? Do you do that to a fault, and end up with a slower time than you’re likely capable of because you held back for fear you’d red-line too soon? Or at all? Are you afraid of the red line?? Be honest! The red line is a frightful place! That’s no joke! So again, we need to figure out where your quitting point is–be it mental or physical, or both. We need to figure out how to obliterate that quitting point. The variation in workouts we’re throwing your way in this cycle are already beginning to reveal some of that in many of you.:)

Some people underestimate the taxing nature of the work they will do in a metcon, chipper, or endurance WOD…before they get to the part they’re “good at.” When they come to that place, and don’t do as well as they’d expected to do–they feel as though they’ve failed. When, in fact, they simply underestimated the work that would come prior, and failed to pace in such a way that would keep them prepared to accomplish the work ahead.

For example…Chris Hinshaw discussed the ‘Triple Three’ workout at the CrossFit Games in a recent podcast. If you remember, even the Fittest Man on Earth ended up walking during the run portion of that workout! He explained that many of the athletes failed to consider the amount of work they’d do prior to the run, then errantly expected to match their known performance on a 3-mile run. They went all out from ‘3-2-1 GO’ and found that left them ill-equipped for the run. He mentioned a similar thought process in relation to the ‘Muscle-Up Biathlon.’ He explained that the run was intended to be a recovery pace, not a sprint. What happened? Suddenly, athletes who are super efficient and strong in the muscle-up department, are failing reps due to fatigue–spent aerobic capacity.

We can fix this in a variety of ways. First, we program workouts that address that “quitting point”, by tasking you with aggressive goals paired with small amounts of rest, right at the point you’d be focused on quitting–rather than kicking a$$. We will make you kick a$$! Ha! For example, here’s a workout Hinshaw might program to challenge the athlete that gives up at the 3/4 way mark of any given workout…

1 x 800, 1 x 800, 5 x 200 (aggressive, with small amounts of rest in between), 1 x 800

He creates a stimulus at your weak point, to make it a strength instead.

How do I fix the fact that I’m reluctant to embrace my sustainable pace?

Quit being stubborn.:) Look at the big picture! The fact is, if you continue to seek out and find that juuuust below red-line, lactate threshold and dance all around it–under/over/right at–you’re gonna increase your capacity to do EVERYTHING. The ultimate goal, is that you will increase your speed at VO2 Max. That is what we’re trying to help you do, and that is why we’ve introduced you to this methodology.

How do I know what I need to work on?

Here’s something else super science-y and cool! Consider your recently-tested 400m and 1600m PRs. Elite runners will typically grow 6% slower for every doubling of the distance that they run. So between 400 to 800 and 800 to 1 mile–6%. A well-rounded CrossFitter, who is clearly not a “specialist” (as intended by Mr. Glassman), should ideally grow around 20% slower for every doubling of the distance that they run.

When Chris Hinshaw began training Rich Froning, his PRs for the same distances were 60 seconds and 6:00–each respectable times in their own right. However, the percentage slowed between those distances was 28%–less than ideal. What this meant, was that Rich’s weakness was in his ability to efficiently use oxygen over the longer distance–in other words, his aerobic capacity needed work.

Now just for fun, I thought I’d see where my own times fell. My 400m and 1600m PRs are 1:40 and 8:18, respectively. That works out to be a 13% percentage change. For me, this means I’m actually doing pretty well where consumption and efficient use of oxygen are concerned! But? If I map it out–it means my mile PR should be around 7:14. So what do I need?? More strength, speed and power. Rich has strength, speed, and power all day long (and most of the next day). His need was for work at aerobic threshold. I need to be stronger in the gym, to be faster on the back lot. I already guessed that–but now its science, sooo…

Where do you stand?? Here’s how to figure it out.

Runner’s Pace <<Use this hyperlink:)

Enter your 400m pace, hit ‘calc’, then scroll down to look at your 1-mile RIEGAL projection.

Then, divide your 1600m RIEGAL projection time (in seconds) by your actual 1600m PR time (in seconds).

Then, take 1 minus (this number) to equal your percentage ratio.

For example:  my actual 1600m time 8:18 (498 seconds) works out to a RIEGAL 1600m projection of 7:14 (434 seconds).

Therefore: 434/498 = 0.87

Finally: 1 – 0.87 = 0.128 or 13% (my percentage value)

Isn’t that exciting??? #goalzzz

Short Interval Monday 5:30 pm


Workout Description:

12 Rounds

Run 200m at One Mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5 x that pace.  This is one of the original CFE benchmark WODS.

Workout Details:

Run to the 400m turnaround for your 200m fast interval. You will run your 200m recovery jog back to the start line.   Your goal is to hit your PR paces and on the all intervals to include the recovery intervals.

Your Pace:

Your fast interval will be at your Mile PR pace.   Your recovery rate will be your fast interval 200m pace times 1.5.  If your PR pace is :45 seconds then your recovery pace will be :45×1.5=1:28.  Please attempt to hit your recovery pace at the prescribed rate or at least 1-2 seconds apart.

Your Score:

This will be for total time.


Aerobic Threshold

Total Distance:

4800 meters=2.983 miles

Long Interval Thursday 5:30 pm

Backhand (Hinshaw)

 Workout Description:

500m @ fast pace
500m @ easy pace
400m @ fast pace
400m @ easy pace
300m @ fast pace
300m @ easy pace
Rest 3:00
4x100m sprint
w/ full recovery between each effort

Workout Details:

After performing a warm-up of 15-20 min that includes: 800m jog (alternating 100 forward, 100 backward), mobility work targeting any areas of tightness, dynamics, drills and acceleration sprints, begin the prescribed workout.

Run 500m at a fast pace (see pacing instructions below), then slow to an easy conversational pace for 500m. Repeat this pattern again for 400m (400m fast, 400m easy) and 300m (300m fast, 300m easy). Rest 3:00 between each set. There is no additional rest between each interval. You need to focus on finding a pace during your easy paced runs that will allow you to recover from the previous fast interval as best as possible while still moving.

After you have completed the 2nd round of P1 and rested 3:00 beginning P2. Sprint 100m at or faster than your 400m PR pace. Take a full recovery between each effort to attempt to match or beat your previous time. A full recovery after a 100m sprint would be somewhere between :60-:90 sec.

Spend at least 5 min walking the track to cool down and slowly bring your HR down to a recovery level.

Your Score:

This wod is for total time for Part 1 only.

Please note your 100m sprint times in the comments for Part 2.


Lactate Threshold

Total Meters:

5200m=3.2 miles





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