Good Luck Louis!

I first met Louis a couple of years ago and immediately loved his energy and attitude. I instantly challenged him the first day I met him to get better and stronger. We love you buddy. Good Luck in your journey.

If you don’t know Louis Chaix, he’s been a member Proximal Strength for the past two years while he’s attended school and played hockey Missouri State. When Louis was 6 years old, he developed a rare skin disorder, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), the most severe form of Steven Johnson Syndrome, that almost took his life. Thankfully, Louis fought, survived, and is here with us today. Now he’s raising funds and awareness to help others who are fighting the same battle he’s fought by rollerblading from LA to NY, starting June 1st!

You can track his journey on Instagram

Bonne chance!

Workouts for the Week of 5.22.22

Monday 5.23.22 @5:30 pm

"MURPH" Amrap

Forty Minute Running Clock:

Round 1: Twelve Minutes:
200m Run
10 Push Ups
Rest 3:00

Round 2:
Twelve Minutes:
300m Run
5 Strict Pull Ups
Rest 3:00

Round 3:
Twelve Minutes:
100m Run
30 Air Squats to Med Ball.

Athletes can wear a vest to train for Murph for a Rx+ version.

You will score each twelve minute interval for reps.

Example: You complete 5 rounds in time cap. This would be 5 reps for running and 50 reps for push ups. Total 55 reps.

100m=1 rep.

Thursday 5.26.22 @5:30 pm

"Four" Get This

4 Sets:
400m Fast,
Rest :60 seconds,
150m Controlled Sprint. Run as fast as you can maintain a sprint type pace.

After 150m sprint, conduct recovery walk to 400 meter turnaround and back to start line.

Rest 5:00 minutes b/t sets.

This will fall under a V02 max level workout with shorter intervals at higher intensities and longer rest periods.

You will score for total time.

Proximal Endurance

Week of 5.15.2022

Ready for the Summer!

Warm weather is here! We are ready for the summer. Come check us out on Monday and Thursday night @5:30 pm.

We are ready for the summer!

Workouts for the week of 5.15.2022

Monday 5.16.2022 @5:30 pm

Chip Away (Proximal Endurance Benchmark Chipper)

1000 m run
90 Double Unders or Singles
800 m row
70 Air Squats
600 m Ski
50 Push Ups
40 Cals Echo Bike
30 GHDs or Sit Ups
20 Burpees
10x50m shuttle runs

This workout will be for total time.

Thursday 5.19.2022 @5:30 pm

X C 

3 Sets:
10x(100m Fast, 50m or :30 sec walk)
Rest 3:00 b/t sets.

This is a speed workout with limited rest and short intervals.

Focus on your paces each set. The goal is to stay consistent on each interval and set.

There is plenty of rest b/t sets.

You will score three separate sets for time.

Proximal Endurance

Week of 5.8.2022

Shout out to all of the strong mama’s whose efforts are often unpaid, tireless, and overlooked. at times. It’s a 365 days a year, 24/7 job.

Thanks for being awesome Mom.

Monday 5.9.2022 @5:30 pm

Old School 

Run for total time:

This will be a lactate threshold workout.

Run 1000m Fast to Moderate Pace.
Jog 200m
Run 800m Fast to Moderate Pace.
Jog 200m
500m Sprint or as fast as you can maintain.
Walk 200m
300m Sprint or as fast as you can maintain.
Walk 200m.

Focus on hitting moderate to fast paces on the 1000m and 800m runs.

There is a quick turnaround on the recovery jogs. Hit your 500m and 300m runs as fast as you can maintain. Use the walks to get full recovery.

After completion of workout, rest 4:00 minutes and perform recovery 100m shuttle runs.

Recovery Portion:

Ten Minute Clock: AMRAP

Run 100m shuttle runs.

100m=1 rep.

Thursday 5.12.22 @5:30 pm

Not Quite 

Run 1500m Easy Pace
Rest 3:00
Run 1500m Easy to Moderate Pace
Rest 3:00
Run 1500m Moderate to Fast Pace.

The goal is to have negative (-) splits every 500m ran. You will start out at easy pace and work your way up to a fast pace by the end.

This will be a aerobic capacity workout.

4500 total meters.

Each 1500m run will be considered a round. You will score each run separately for three different scores.


Workouts for the Week of 5.1.2022

It’s Gonna Be…………..

It’s Gonna Be May!

As we transition through a busy season of proms, graduations, and the end of the school year, it’s gonna be a great month to join us with warmer weather on the way.

We have some great workouts this week. Check us out on Monday/Thursday evening @5:30 pm.

Workouts for the Week of 5.1.2022

Monday 5.2.2022 @5:30 pm


Run for Total Time:

500m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

300m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

100m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

Rest 3:00

200m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.

400m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.

600m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.


This workout is designed to have built in rest with your recovery walks. This is a V02 Max workout. Lower distance intervals with high intensity and more rest B/T sets or intervals.

Push the fast paces and get a good recovery walk. Don’t go to fast on the walk. Get your recovery.

There is a total of 3000m run and 1500m walk.

Scale the meters if necessary if your a beginner runner. Focus on just getting through the intervals and build up your speed as your get more comfortable with your pace and speed.

You will score for total time.

Thursday 5.5.2022 @5:30 pm

Cinco De "Murph"

Perform for total time.

400m Run

(1) Round of Cindy.

5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats.

400m Run

(2) Rounds of Cindy.

400m Run

(3) Rounds of Cindy.

400m Run

(4) Rounds of Cindy.

If you want to get ready for Memorial Day Murph, then this will be a good workout to don your weight vest. Perform Cindy as prescribed in order.

Completion of this workout you will have completed 1/2 of the workout “Murph” (50 Pull Ups/100 Push Ups/150 Air Squats/1 Mile Run).

Proximal Endurance

Workouts for the Week of 4.24.2022

April Showers, bring May Flowers!

This is what I look like when I go to program every week! Maybe we will get outside sometime this year. It will be here before we know it. This week we have some great programming and look forward to seeing some of the new faces popping up in class lately.

Workouts for the Week of 4.24.22

Monday 4.25.22 @5:30 pm

Route I-60

Seven Rounds:

160m Sprint

160m Walk

The focus is on hitting your sprints with as fast as you can maintain. Use the walks for recovery since this is the only rest you will receive during the intervals. This will be considered a Speed Workout.

Focus on maintaining your speeds during the 160m sprints.

Outside Course: Run to 160 m mark and walk back to start line.

Inside Assault Runner: Run 160m then walk to 320m mark. Reset your runner quickly and repeat the same sequence x6.

This workout will be for total time.

Thursday 4.28.22 @5:30 pm

Where's Culligan?

Round 1: Run 400m Fast, 800m Easy; Rest :60; 400m Fast, 200m Easy.

rest 2:00

Round 2: Run 300m Fast, 600m Easy; Rest :60; 300m Fast, 150m Easy.

Rest 2:00

Round 3: Run 200m Fast, 400m Easy; Rest :60; 200m Fast, 100m Easy.

Rest 2:00

Round 4: 100m Sprint, 200m Easy; Rest :60; 100m Sprint, 100m Walk.


This is an extensive workout with lots of mileage. This will be a Lactate Threshold workout. The total meters is 4500.

You will score each round individually with four (4) scores for time.


Round 1: 200m Fast, 400m Easy Rest :60 200m Fast, 100m Easy.

Rest 2:00

Round 2: 150m Fast, 300m Easy Rest :60, 150m Fast, 75m Easy.

Rest 2:00

Round 3: 100m Fast, 200m Easy; Rest :60; 100m Fast, 50m Easy.

Rest 2:00

Round 4: 50m Sprint, 50m Easy; Rest :60; 50m Sprint, 50m Walk.





This “Jonesy” Hero WOD is dedicated to LCpl Andre Jones who was killed in action on May 30, 2011, as a result of a Green on Blue incident at COP Marshal in the center of the Balluci Valley, Uruzghan Province Afghanistan. Andrew was the cook attached to an Australian OMLT Team based at COP Mashal who’s task was to the train the ANA Company stationed at the Combat Outpost.

The workout is from, who say “The movements selected for this WOD are the Rope Climb and Running, both movements are near and dear to all soldiers the world over. When home on leave Andrew enjoyed going for runs with his father to catch up and unwind. The total distance for the runs is 2.4km which is the standard fitness test for all members of the Australia Defence Force. The rope climbs are something that all soldiers regardless of their corps must master during their recruit training at the Home of the Soldier, Kapooka.”


Monday 4.18.22 @5:30 pm

loose change 

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

EMOM: Perform every run sequence within a minute, rest any remaining time.


50m run


75m run


100m run


150m run

1:00 rest (20:00-21:00)

21:00 – 24:00

200m run (scale with 150m run if needed)

1:00 rest (24:00-25:00)

25:00 – 30:00

Run 300m rest :30 run 400m.

You will time your 300m and 400m runs. You must complete both runs within the 5 minute time cap.

This will be considered a V02 Max workout. Focus on getting thru the prescribed intervals within each minute and time caps.

Thursday 4.21.22 @5:30 pm

HERO WOD "Jonesy"

Six Rounds for Time:

400m run

6-5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs

Scaled: 12-10-8-6-4-2

Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups or Pull Ups


Do you feel like this? You never know until you try it. Just like most workouts, you can scale our running workouts too. The main thing is to just get started somewhere. We always encourage athletes to step away from the regular group wods and check us out.

Workouts for the Week of 4.10.22

Monday 4.11.22 @5:30 pm


12 rounds:

Run 200m at 1mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5x that pace. This a benchmark workout for Proximal Endurance.

(SCALED VERSION) 6 to 8 rounds ideally. This will be up to each athlete. If you feel good then keep pushing through.

This is a Speed and Aerobic Threshold workout. There will be high intensity runs with higher rest rates down to lower rest rates which is a speed threshold.

Push through the 200 meter intervals at each varying pace. Just keep moving.

Determine your paces prior to the workout.


60 seconds x 7:00 Mile PR= 420 seconds

420/8= <:53 seconds Mile PR Pace

Then :53×1.5= :79 second pace for recovery 200m

My paces would be :53 seconds for MilePR Pace and :79 seconds for 200m recovery.

Workout is for total time.

Thursday 4.14.22 @5:30 pm

1000 ways 

1000m progressive run intervals need to have negative pacing strategy, meaning the 2nd 500m must be faster than the opening 500m. Time each 500m interval. You may need to reset or check your time after the opening interval to beat the time ran.

Rest 2:00

7x(200m fast pace, 100m easy pace), check each 200m interval for time. The 100m easy intervals must take the same amount of time as the previous 200m fast interval (or less).

Rest 2:00

1000m progressive run. The total run time of this interval must be faster than the first 1000m interval.

There will be two scores on this workout. You will score each 1000m run for time.

Proximal Strength Endurance

The year is flying by and we are in the month of April already. Hope we can start some outdoor programming soon.

Workouts for the Week of 4.3.2022

Monday 4.4.2022 @5:30 pm

sticking point 

5 Sets:

200m Fast Pace

100m walk in 1 min

100m Easy Pace

100m Sprint

100m walk in 1 min

No add’l rest b/t reps or set

A sticking point, in a workout is where doubt, creeps into your head, and you begin to realize that you can’t hang on to the pace your are currently moving at!

This will be Speed Endurance workout. Focus on maintaining the fast and sprint paces.

Thursday 4.7.2022 @5:30 pm

Easy Bake Oven 

2×1 Minute at Easy/Moderate pace rest :15 b/t

Up to 1 min rest dependent on selected intensity

2×2 Minute at Easy/Moderate pace rest :30 b/t

Up to 2 min rest dependent on selected intensity

2×3 Minute at Easy/Moderate pace rest :45 b/t

Up to 3 min rest dependent on selected intensity

2×4 Minute at Easy/Moderate pace rest :60 b/t

Up to 4 min rest dependent on selected intensity

2×5 Minute at Easy/Moderate pace rest :75 b/t

Choose a pace based on how your feeling and fatigue of legs. Your rest periods will be determined by how your feeling. Rest more if you need too or choose less rest if your feeling good.

This will be an aerobic threshold workout with steady paces and moderate paces. Stay with each run and keep moving.


Week of 3.27.22

Benchmark Week!

Who is with me?

This week we will be testing two benchmark workouts from our program. We like to test our capacities every once and awhile in our programming. It’s very simple, but often effective. This week we will be on the bridge, and then do a Mile Time Trial on Thursday. This is a good week to check us out.

Crawl, Run, Walk

This is the final week for the crawl, run and walk challenges.

You will perform:

85/90/95/100 m Bear Crawls

1300/1400/1500/1600 m Run and Walks.

Record your One Mile Time to see if you have made any progress.

Workouts for the Week of 3.27.22

Monday, 3.38.22 @5:30 pm

bridge repeats

Twenty Minute Clock:


As many over and back on the bridge. Over and back is two reps and so on.

This is a good aerobic workout with no particular pace, but keep a steady pace throughout the workout.

Score the total amount of intervals competed within the time cap.

We have a rX+ version which the athlete will wear a weight vest. If you choose to wear a vest, then feel free to do the workout with a vest.

After the bridge repeats, there will be a coach led Abs Class.

Thursday, 3.31.22 @5:30 pm

one mile time trial

This will be a max effort one mile run for time.

It is recommended to not wear any timing device and base your pace on how hard you feel like pushing the tempo. Find a pace and run fast.

After the time trial, recover fully.

We will then do some sled work.

sled work make the legs work

Fifteen Minute Running Clock:

Work two minutes (2:00), rest :60 x5

You will push 25 feet one way, and then push back 25 feet. Repeat sequence for the entire two minute duration.

Males use one #45 lb plate, Females us one #25 lb plate. If you want to add weight, this will be up to each individual athlete.

There is no measure on this workout. You can also pair up with a partner on this workout.


Week of 3.20.2022

Lets Help Andrew Romano Feed Some Kids!

I am passionate about DOING something to alleviate human need and suffering in our world. Recently, I enrolled in a nutrition program to ensure that I’m entering my 30’s as strong and healthy as possible. In the process, I was reminded that it’s a privilege to be able to choose what type of food I eat and when. I’ve seen firsthand the difference something as simple as a meal can make in someone’s life. When our basic needs are not met, we STRUGGLE to move through life on a healthy trajectory. This month I turn 30 and I cannot think of a better way to begin a new decade than by getting my friends and family together to give back! I want to invite you to take a moment to recognize the blessing and resources that you have in your life and acknowledge how those have impacted you. Hope and I personally give to Convoy of Hope’s feedONE program which feeds one child for an entire month for only $10. We believe 100% in what they are doing to alleviate hunger, provide resources and meet real human needs across the world. My goal is to raise $3,600 by March 31st to feed 30 children for an entire year through Convoy’s feedONE program. Will you please join me? – Andrew

Reminder: this is happening NEXT SATURDAY, MARCH 26th

WHO? Proximal fam!—Open to outside guests who are encouraged to make $30 donation to the feedONE campaign.

WHAT? Participate in a WOD to bring awareness to the goal of raising $3,600 to alleviate hunger in 30 children for an entire year though Convoy of Hope’s feedONE program. The goal of feedONE is to see lives changed as they promote healthy children and communities that are free from poverty and hunger. Many of the children enrolled in this initiative have their only meal of the day at school. feedONE feeds and monitors the health and growth of children each day in El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guatemala, and Tanzania

WHERE/WHEN? Proximal Strength March, 26th 9am & 10am group WOD’s–members do NOT have to make a donation to be part of the workout…donations to feedONE is purely optional!

WHY? 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world. 16,000 children die every DAY of childhood hunger and malnutrition.

HOW? Participate in the “feedWOD” and make a donation to Andrew’s feedONE campaign which will raise $3,600 to alleviate hunger in 30 children for an entire year

Week 3 of Crawl, Run, Walk

This week perform the following sequences Monday-Thursday.

45/50/55/60 meter Bear Crawl

900/1000/1100/1200 meter Run/Walk.

Time your 1200 meter run this week.

Workouts for the Week of 3.20.2022

Monday, 3.21.22 @5:30 pm

2-4-6-8 Who do We Appreciate!

26 Minute running clock:

0:00 – 6:00 60m (50m scale) meter run every :30 seconds for six minutes. Rest any remaining time within each :30 second interval.

6:00-8:00 Rest 2 minutes

8:00-12:00 80m (70m scale) meter run every :30 seconds for four minutes. Rest any remaining time within each :30 second interval.

12:00-14:00 Rest 2 minutes

14:00 – 16:00 100m (90m scale) meter run every :30 seconds for two minutes. Rest any remaining time.

16:00-18:00 Rest 2 minutes.


Run 120 m (100m scale) rest:10 seconds. Complete as many runs within time cap.

This will be a speed workout with limited rest. The goal is to complete the meters within each :30 second time cap.

The last timed section you will score the total amount of 120m runs completed within the time cap. You must complete the entire interval to get credit for a rep.

Thursday 3.24.22 @5:30 pm

staying alive 

Recreational Athlete:

4 sets:

1 minute at Fast Pace.

2 minutes Easy Pace.

2 minutes at Fast Pace.

Rest 3:00 B/T sets.

Total Time: 20 minutes of interval runs in workout.

Experienced Athlete:

4 sets:

300 m Fast Pace.

300 m Easy Pace.

600 m Fast Pace.

Rest b/t sets equals the total “fast” pace time.

This is a continuous 1200 meter effort.

Find a pace above your fast pace for the 300m/600m intervals. Use approximate rest times between each set. You may have to round up or down on your rest times.

Keep Moving, Never Quit, Never Give Up, Press On!