WODs for the week of January 30th

Short Interval: 3-5 x 400M, Rest 2:00, hold within 3-5 Sec C2: 3-5x 500M, Rest 2:00, Hold 3-5sec Long Interval: 2-4  x1000M, Rest 3:00, hold within 3-5sec C2: 2-4  X1250M, Rest 3:00, hold  within 3-5sec Class time reminders: Mon/Thurs 5PM and Tues/Thurs 10AM * Maggie and the 5PM Crew working the rope drills!

Urban Orienteering Race, TONIGHT!

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Urban Orienteering Race tonight!  Check-in is from 6:15-6:45 at Fire Station #1 – 730 E. Grand. $15/per person race day. Race Starts at 7 p.m. and with a map teams have 2 hours to find as many marked checkpoints on foot in downtown Springfield. More info:  UrbanOrienteer.wordpress.com *BeContinue reading “Urban Orienteering Race, TONIGHT!”

Workouts for week of January 23

Short Interval (Monday/Tuesday): 6-12 x 200m, 90 seconds rest.  Maintain times between 3-5 seconds. (C2: 6-12 x 250m, 90 second rest.  Maintain times between 3-5 seconds).   Long Interval (Thursday): 3-6 x 800m, 2:30 rest.  Maintain times between 3-5 seconds. (C2: 3-6 x 1000m, 2:00 rest.  Maintain times between 3-5 seconds).   Running form, runningContinue reading “Workouts for week of January 23”

Interested in attending a CFE Seminar?

CrossFit Springfield is being considered as a hosting site for a CrossFit Endurance Seminar.  They would like to have at least 20 attendees.  If you are interested in attending the 2-day seminar, please let me know here, or email me at: kristy@taylorads.com.  The cost is $595 per person, and you do not have to beContinue reading “Interested in attending a CFE Seminar?”