Welcome to Endurance Group!

Welcome endurance athletes to 2012, and the kick off of Crossfit Springfield’s Endurance Group!!!  We are super excited to add endurance training to CFS class offerings.  We will kick things off Monday, January 9, at 5 p.m.  Please meet back by the rowers in the “endurance corner” of the gym.  Dress warm, and try to avoid wearing too much black as it gets dark at 5:30.  Below are the workouts for week one of endurance group.  If you are unable to make any of the offered times please use our facebook page to seek out other runners to do the workouts with.  I will also post a C2 workout in addition to the long and short interval workouts for those athletes who prefer to stay inside on colder days and have their butt kicked on the rower.  Class will start off with a short warm-up run, running drills to help improve our running form, the endurance WOD for the day, and 10-15 minutes of mobility work or core work.  Please explore the “About Us”, “Class Info”, and “Coaches” tabs above for info about the endurance group.  Post any questions to comments.  We will utilize this blog for weekly workouts, upcoming events, videos and info on pose running.  Please continue to use the “crossfit running” facebook page to communicate and encourage each other.  If you are not already friends with us on facebook use the link to the right to join us on facebook.  Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Short Interval: 6-12 x200m w/ 2 min rest between

C2: 6-12 x250m w/2 min rest

Long Interval: 2-5x800m w/ 3 min rest between

C2: 2-5x 1000m w 3min rest between

15 thoughts on “Welcome to Endurance Group!

  1. Thanks for all the hard work that you coaches have already put it in to the CFE running group. I am super excited to be running intervals with a group instead of by myself or with a few others I have convinced to run intervals.


  2. Not really sure where to post times–here or Facebook page–but here they are. I did 9 intervals. Quit at 9 because my form felt wonky, even though my times were tight! Yay!!!
    45, 45, 45, 45, 43, 45, 46, 44, 44


  3. I did 7 intervals and came in around :43 each time. I’m happy with that. Not looking forward to the 800’s though. : (


  4. B. Rice Posted times today.

    Did 4 pm WOD so only did 6 intervals. 41, 41, 39, 42, 41, 41. Kept same pace so felt good. Not sure how my form is but guess why I am doing this endurance training. Great group today. Alot of people came to first training.


  5. Nice work Eric and Brian!

    Brian: Hopefully, in future classes Elizabeth or I can look at your form, video tape it, and study it to really see what’s going on and give you form cues and drills to help your running efficiency. Just like lifting has a right and wrong way, so does running. Proper form with both makes a world of difference…as I am sure you know.
    Keep up the good work!!


  6. Still learning the Garmin. I did “several” intervals with about 2 min rest. I think I saw a legit time of 52 amist the craziness. Seems good to me. The drills tonight were good they really help keep form in check.
    I think the form has helped me with my breathing the post, better posture = better breathing.
    It was great to see SO many people of all skill levels.


  7. I loved tonight! Thanks so much for your coaching Elizabeth and Chad! Trying to learn the pose form…much different than my typical heel strike but good news no knee pain this evening! I only did 6 intervals, probably should have pushed for at least one more but it was just the first day. 42,43,43,46,43,43

    Loved the drils!


  8. Wow what a way to kick off endurance group tonight! I am not sure how many of you there was but what an awesome turn out. Normally I would post everyones times here for you to keep track of but there was no way . Please post your times to comments if you have them as well as your thoughts on the first WOD and how class went. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. I don’t think I got to mention to all of you that I will not be coaching this thursday night as well as the following week. Melissa will be filling in for me. I will be in Hawaii catching some waves and hanging with my BF Andy! Hope to see that many of you when I get back 🙂 -Elizabeth


  9. Nice work Abby, Jim, Jess. If any of you would like me to video tape your gait, let me know. We can try to set up a time.

    Elizabeth! Have a blast! We will miss you!

    Chad – Thanks for the post about the games. It WILL be interesting!


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