19 thoughts on “Workouts for the week of January 16

  1. I hit the streets at home today for my short intervals because I’m planning on a pm WOD tonight. I am also working from a new phone app and miscalculated 200m as being .9 miles instead of .12 (or whatever it is)….I did 10x(almost)200m. ha. My times were slow, but are as follows:
    1:00 :53 :50 :51 :51 :50 :53 :52 :50 :53
    Last week’s short intervals for me ranged from :58 – 1:05 in 6 rounds….so it’s about the same if you add a little for the miscalculation, if not maybe just a tad improved already. I also did 2x800m at home last week, but don’t know my times. I’m excited to not be as sucky of a runner. =)


  2. Susan! Proud of you for getting in the intervals and a WOD. I hope you have had a chance to see some of the form running drills that we do in the gym. I would be glad to video tape you sometime if you wanted me to see what you may be doing when your running, and to look for ways to improve. Keep up the good work! -kt


  3. KT – I definitely need some help with form, I’m sure. I did the drills with the group last Monday night and I plan on coming to the 10am group on Thursday for just that purpose….and hopefully the weather will be decent to be outside in order to do so. Thanks!


  4. 55,59,58,1:01,59, 1:05, 1:06
    1:09,1:03,1:08,1:06 x 200m

    Interestingly my 3 fastest times lap 1,3,5 were all straight out to the 400m turn around spot.
    Slower to run “back” from that point
    and slowest when I ran to the 200m turnaround and back.

    Not to bad for a body still trying to recover from a 10 mile run yesterday, a distance PR for me.

    Glad to see another big group for intervals.


      1. Thanks. CFE has reassured me that “long Distance” racing is attainable. Princess 1/2 in 40 days and a wake up.


  5. Well 4 pm WOD did me in and my hammy. Got in three runs of 43; 43; 42 before the hammy tightened up so didn’push it . Good work by all participants today.


  6. Completed 10 x 200m runs

    Hoping to have my own watch for next workout. Times were as Chad yelled them out.


  7. My first CFE workout in a while! I don’t remember all of my times in order, but my fastest time was :38 and my slowest was :41. Kept it within that 3-4 second pace. I then completed the wod directly following….that was a bad idea…but I finished. I’m not putting that time on here though. Thanks for the “fun” run!!


    1. Jess! Good training. There is ALWAYS something. The wind, the cold, the nose running, the soreness from yesterday, the sun was in my eyes, etc. 😉
      Just putting in the time is an accomplishment. Congrats. You are doing so great with your training. Keep it up!


  8. Short Interval Monday 5pm: 12x200m; slowest 0:43, fastest 0:39
    Long Interval Thursday 5pm: 5x800m; 3:33, 3:24, 3:22, 3:04, 3:24


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