CFE Workouts for the week of Feb 20th

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 4-8x 400M Rest 1:30, hold 3-5sec (Compare times to 2/12/12) C2: 4-6x 500M Rest 1:30, hold 3-5 sec Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 2-4x 1000M Rest 3:00, hold 3-5 sec (Compare times to 1/29/12) C2: 2-4x 1250, Rest 3:00, hold 3-5 sec Long Run (not coached,  ideally doneContinue reading “CFE Workouts for the week of Feb 20th”

The Crossfit Endurance Seminar

The who, what, where, when and WHY (CrossFit Endurance Seminar June 2-3, 2012 CrossFit Springfield Cost: $595) Crossfit Springfield will be playing host to the folks at Crossfit Endurance on June 2nd and 3rd for the CFE Seminar. Many people have asked us what the seminar is about and what they can gain by attending. WeContinue reading “The Crossfit Endurance Seminar”

CFE Workouts for Week of February 13

TO: CFE Athletes FROM: CFE Coaches Will you be TOSH’s Valentine? Love is in the air this week and how better to celebrate?  That’s right.  TOSH.  In CFE, we know how to get your heart racing! Short Interval:  4-8 x 400m, rest 1:30.  Hold times between 3-5 seconds. C2 Workout:  4-8 x 500m, rest 1:30.Continue reading “CFE Workouts for Week of February 13”

Endurance Coach and CFS Owner Shares Her CF Story

By: Melissa Wistrom My husband’s 9-year career in the NFL had just come to an end.  Our second child was 5 months old and we had recently moved across the country to live in Springfield, MO.  Why Springfield you ask?  Because that is where my husband’s brothers live.  We moved to Springfield to be closeContinue reading “Endurance Coach and CFS Owner Shares Her CF Story”

WOD’s for the week of February 6th

Short Interval: 4-6 x400M Rest 2:00, Hold 3-5 sec (Compare times to 1/30/12) C2: 4-6x500M Rest 2:00, Hold 3-5 sec Long Interval: 2-4x800M  TT*, Rest 5:00 (Compare times to 1/23/12) C2: 2-4x 1000M TT, Rest 5:00 *TT= Time Trial. These are all out efforts with a nice long rest in-between. We want to see howContinue reading “WOD’s for the week of February 6th”

Urban Orienteering Race Re-Cap!

Last weekend, I participated in The Urban Orienteering Race.  It was a no-pressure, really fun, and DIFFERENT kind of race.  There were no T-shirts or prizes.  Just pizza, and bragging rights.   I raced with two fellow Cross Fitters: Kathy Metz and Kara Wallace-Racz.  Plus, over 170 other registered racers.   We started at 7 p.m. fromContinue reading “Urban Orienteering Race Re-Cap!”