Urban Orienteering Race Re-Cap!

Last weekend, I participated in The Urban Orienteering Race.  It was a no-pressure, really fun, and DIFFERENT kind of race.  There were no T-shirts or prizes.  Just pizza, and bragging rights.   I raced with two fellow Cross Fitters: Kathy Metz and Kara Wallace-Racz.  Plus, over 170 other registered racers.  

We started at 7 p.m. from Fire Station #1 with a map of labeled coordinates (the “Orienteering” part of the race).   As we made it to various points on the map, we had to answer a question that corresponded to the labeled coordinate to score points.  Here is an example of how it worked:  “How many bikes will fit in the bike rack on the outside of this building.”   Also mixed in?  Random trivia, movie quotes, Twilight facts, and audio clues.  All part of the points accumulation system, which would determine the race winners.

Kathy, Kara, and I (Team Honey Badger) started out strong, with a mission of getting as many coordinates as possible within our two hour time limit.  At one point we found The Monroe, a dorm on The MSU campus.  We made friends with Rashed (ra-sheed) outside the dorm.  We also figured out what pizza place was a sponsor at the MSU baseball field (The Pizza House, duh?).  At some point, we had a clue that took us to The Mud Lounge, where we decided it would be best to sit and drink, and answer random trivia questions for bonus points.  

As the watch edged closer to 9 p.m., the race cut-off, Kathy, Kara, and I were too far from Fire Station #1 to make it back.  So, we hitched a ride in a cab.  Not my proudest race moment, but FUN, nonetheless.

Obviously, we didn’t do the race for time, or distance…but several teams sure did.  One team clocked over 7 miles and answered most of the questions.  I talked with a newer runner on that team and said she had never ran over 7 miles in her life!   She added that doing it in this race made her believe that running was not as bad as she thought!

Race director, Eric Johnson, manager of Ultra Max Events (formally The Starting Block), was encouraged by the turnout and suggested that there might be another one in the summer.  Stay tuned for more information on that!

Good job to everyone who tried this race and had miles and miles of fun while racing!  Have a good run!  -KT

Team “Honey Badger” with Rashed!

Team “Guys on a Buffalo and a Gal” having madcrazy fun at the Urban Orienteering race, despite moseying the whole time.  80’s trivia saved the day.

Team “Look for Us in the Middle”, sharing a cookie for bonus points!

2 thoughts on “Urban Orienteering Race Re-Cap!

  1. It was totally fun! We got in about 7 miles as well and had a great time doing it! I can’t wait for the summer time race!


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