WOD’s for the week of February 6th

Short Interval: 4-6 x400M Rest 2:00, Hold 3-5 sec (Compare times to 1/30/12)

C2: 4-6x500M Rest 2:00, Hold 3-5 sec

Long Interval: 2-4x800M  TT*, Rest 5:00 (Compare times to 1/23/12)

C2: 2-4x 1000M TT, Rest 5:00

*TT= Time Trial. These are all out efforts with a nice long rest in-between. We want to see how fast you can run your 800…. we are going to set some benchmarks and crush some PR’s on this day 🙂

Long Run (NOT COACHED): 5K @ 85% of TT pace or for those of you who missed it last week go establish a 5K time. This is a tempo run, not an all out effort but rather an opportunity for you to put in some distance and also practice your pacing. From the CFE site regarding how to pace these tempo runs:

Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts
P + (P x (1 – E)) = G
P = fastest time for the distance. Convert to seconds.
E = Desired effort level in decimal form (90% = .90)
G = Goal time in seconds
Example: 90% of 10k TT Pace
So, if my fastest 10K is 48 minutes and my desired effort is 90% then my goal time should be:
2,880 + (2,880 x .10) = G
3,168 seconds=  52.8 minute 10K

These long runs are meant to but done on your own time perhaps on the weekend. Use the blog/FB to hook up with other runners to get your long runs in IF you want to add a long run to your training.

5 p.m. CFE – Vertical lean/hop drill:

12 thoughts on “WOD’s for the week of February 6th

  1. Good idea. Sneak Tosh into the regular WOD. Priceless!!!

    I mean Tosh SEEMS reasonable… rest for the length of time you run. 😉


  2. Another great night for CFE! Big class tonight. Everyone did great on the 400’s and we even had time tonight for some core work and mobility! Hopefully some of you who have been running for a few weeks now are seeing some improvements and or more consistency in your run times. Here is what I had for times tonight. Please post your time to comments if you would like…..
    Josh 1:17 1:18 1:20 1:22
    Beth 1:57 1:58 1:59
    Kimberly 2:10 2:15
    Brian 1:41 1:37 1:36 1:38
    Jessica 1:37 1:34 1:35 1:40
    Barbra 1:30 1:31 1:33 1:37
    Gabe 1:35 1:30 1:30 1:31
    Rob 1:29 1:31 1:35 1:36
    Angie 2:32 2:34 2:35
    Jason 1:20 1:17 1:20 1:29
    Leslie 1:33 1:32 1:32 1:34


  3. Also….. there were some questions tonight about interval watches. In the right hand column of the blog I posted a link to a very basic and affordable interval watch. It is the watch that both Chad and I use for all of our interval training. The link provided is for the mens watch but there is also a smaller version available for women on amazon. There are obviously a lot of really nice running watches out there that you can invest in and a few CFE athletes have them but this one will provide you with all you need for basic CFE interval training.


  4. Sorry I am late in posting these! Crazy week!
    Tuesday 10 a.m. 4 x 400m repeats with 2:00 min rest

    JJ: 1:44/1:48/-/-
    John: 1:53/1:55/1:53/1:45
    Dan: 1:38/1:43/1:43/1:45
    Dawn: 2:14/2:33/1:05 (scaled to 200m)/1:03 (scaled to 200m)
    Michael: 1:18/1:20/1:21/1:23

    Finished the class with some Trigger Point/Mobility work!


  5. It was a chilly one tonight… but that did not stop the 5PM crew! Here are your 800 M TT times.
    Jessica 4:00 3:58 4:00
    Leslie 3:24 3:29 3:32
    Karen 5:06 5:56 5:05
    Abby 3:36 3:51
    Barbra 3:32 3:33 3:32
    Dan 2:56 3:05 3:05
    See you all next week 🙂 Pray for no snow!


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