Endurance Coach and CFS Owner Shares Her CF Story

By: Melissa Wistrom

My husband’s 9-year career in the NFL had just come to an end.  Our second child was 5 months old and we had recently moved across the country to live in Springfield, MO.  Why Springfield you ask?  Because that is where my husband’s brothers live.  We moved to Springfield to be close to my brother-in-laws, who are single and have no children.  I remember thinking, “Who am I going to call and ask about getting my hair fixed, a pediatrician, or more importantly a gynecologist?”  I know it sounds like small potatoes, but you try putting your feet into those cold metal stirrups and see if you think picking the right one is no big deal.  On a more serious note my marriage was not doing so well; in fact, it was in a really bad place.  So bad, in fact, that we had began to talk about divorce.  We were both lost in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you.  One day while working out together at the YMCA a friend of ours overheard us fighting over what workout to do.  He suggested that we have his friend Jessi personally train us.  Immediately, we fell in love with the type of training we were doing.  But more importantly we fell in love with Jessi and Jeremy.  We thought so much of Jessi and Jeremy that it was not long after that we approached them and asked if they would consider letting us be their business partners.  We knew a little bit about Crossfit, believed that it was more than another workout trend, and knew that it was a very effective and proven method.  At the time, we had no idea that Crossfit would legitimize itself to be the sport it is today.  What we did know with 100% certainty was that Jessi and Jeremy were “GOOD HUMANS”.  We decided from the beginning that we were not investing in a business, or a concept, but we were going to in invest in two very “GOOD HUMANS”.

Crossfit in many ways saved us.  It helped us to establish roots here in Springfield.  The majority of the meaningful relationships I currently have came to life within the walls of Crossfit-Springfield.  I know our story is one of many.  I know many members of CFS have stories just like ours.  I also know that CFS has grown, but the only changes that have taken place are great ones.  With the addition of each new trainer and the addition of each and every new member, CFS has gone from two good humans to an entire community of good humans.  We choose whom to share our energy with.  The people and environment that surround us become extensions of our selves.  Without each other it is just another workout at the Y.  That is why Grant and I are so happy to choose every day to be with you.  We are proud to call Crossfit-Springfield our home.

As the community continues on this journey it is very exciting to see the addition of programs like crossfit endurance. Not only will it supplement and support our training as crossfiters, but we are also developing communities within the community.  I can’t wait to see what CFE will bring to the CFS table.

4 thoughts on “Endurance Coach and CFS Owner Shares Her CF Story

  1. Thanks to Melissa sharing her story. I love that all of the coaches including the owners are approachable about all things related or unrelated to CF. It makes entering this family and community that much easier of a transition!


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