CFE Workouts for Week of February 13

TO: CFE Athletes

FROM: CFE Coaches

Will you be TOSH’s Valentine?

Love is in the air this week and how better to celebrate?  That’s right.  TOSH.  In CFE, we know how to get your heart racing!

Short Interval:  4-8 x 400m, rest 1:30.  Hold times between 3-5 seconds.

C2 Workout:  4-8 x 500m, rest 1:30.  Hold times between 3-5 seconds.

Long Interval:  3 Rounds of 200m, 400m, 600m.  Rest the exact amount of time it takes you to do each effort.  For example, if it takes you 35 seconds to run a 200m, you rest 35 seconds and then start your 400m.

C2 Workout:  3 Rounds 250m, 500m and 750m. Rest the exact amount of time it takes you to do each effort.

Long Run (NOT COACHED)- 5Miles at 85% of your 5K TT pace

Weather Policy:

All workouts will be performed outside at CFS unless there is inclimate weather. Inclimate weather will be defined as:

-Snow or ice on the ground in the CFS parking lot and surrounding streets.

-Wind chill below 30 degrees.

-Raining (more than just a sprinkle).

-Temp greater than 100 degrees.

In the event of inclimate weather we will move the workout inside to the rowers.  If the WOD that day involves the rowers the coach will find another interval/endurance-based workout to perform.

Jess Gallegos running during the competition at CrossFit TNT in St. Louis this weekend. Jess runs in the evening CFE group. The wod was 3 rope climbs and 2 mile run for scaled women.

18 thoughts on “CFE Workouts for Week of February 13

  1. I opted to do my workout at home on the treadmill since it was such a nasty day out & I got off work early.

    5 x 400m 1:42, 1:41, 1:43, 1:42, 1:41 (easy to hold in 3-5 sec on treadmill!!)


  2. We packed the rowers tonight for endurance group! Good work everyone on your 500’s. So when I write the workouts for the week and you see “C2” that means Concept 2 rower- that is what we did tonight. Lets hope thursday we can go outside for “Tosh” if not, plan on rowing again. If you added your times to my notebook here is what I had:

    Beth 2:14 2:14 2:15 2:16 2:16
    Kimberly 3:57 2:21 2:18 2:19 2:20
    Gloria 2:18 2:12 2:10 2:14 2:20
    Barbra 2:04 2:05 2:11 2:18
    Niki 1:58 2:05 2:15 2:16
    Lisa 2:17 2:16.9 2:18.1 2:19.7
    Karen 2:19 2:10 2:12 2:26 2:16 2:17
    Brian 1:55 1:55 1:57 1:56 1:56 1:47
    Kara 2:01 2:03 2:01 2:00 2:02 2:03
    Jason 1:53.6 1:53.6 1:56.2 1:54 1:54 1:58


  3. Mark, Dan, Mary, and I did 500m x6 on the rowers today. Our first 500m was a 75% effort as a warm-up.

    Dan: 1:51.6, 1:57. 1:58.3, 1:55.9, 1:56.6
    Mark: 1:48.3, 1:51.8, 1:52.2, 1:45, 1:52.5
    KT: 2:08, 2:00.5, 2:09.3
    Mary: 202.1/1:57.2/2:00.7/2:03.5/1:59.2/2:03.5

    Finished the class with 5-4-3-2-1 Turkish Getups on each side with 10 GHD’s in between each round. Great midline stability/core work!!
    Also, wet through some shoulder mobility with Mel. 🙂


  4. Having a hard time getting going after this past weekend! Figured a little endurance work might be just what I need to get my butt going again…. As you can see below rowing is not my strength and I am not near as good with my consistency as I am with running
    2:07 2:10 2:12 2:13 2:16 2:17


  5. Hey Endurance Peeps,

    A friend of mine is hosting The Saddlebrook Run (1 Mile Run, 5K and 10K race) for his youth baseball team, Midwest Orioles Baseball Club. It will be on Saturday March 3rd, 2012 at 8 AM in Saddlebrooke, MO. I believe it is south on Highway 65 towards Branson. There are prizes for the top male and female in the 5K and Oakley Sunglasses for the Top Male and Female in the 10K. The entry fee is relatively small fee of $18.00. The deadline is March 1 for the early entry fee. The race day fee is $20.00. Race details can be found on the OMRR website which most people are familiar with but here is the web link for OMRR:

    That weekend only has one other race going on and this is the only 10 K race on the agenda for the weekend so might be a good chance for our Endurance athletes to try a 5K or roam into the 10K world.

    He said the last couple of years they have 100 to 150 runners so it has a fairly good number.

    If your looking for a good race this might be for you. The race course is advertised as a flat fast course so no hills.


    1. Jess I am going to try to get down there on that morning.

      Trying to get my TOSH work in prior to FGB yesterday.

      Two rounds (time permitted me only 2 Rds)
      For the time crunch I ran my intervals with 30 second to 60 second rest in between. I didnt time them but just ran like Forrest today but my last round felt fairly strong and would say my times little slower but consistent.


  6. Sweet, Brian! I will try to do that one if I don’t work that day! Sounds like a good cause!

    Jess! I am not going to tell you what to do, but you can ALWAYS do TOSH. I am struggling with which one to do too. Either way? You will get your butt kicked! -kt


  7. Doing our own “Fight Gone Bad” with TOSH today at 10 a.m. Three rounds of equally hard work.
    Dan: 41/1:39/2:42/43/1:46/2:48/45/1:49/2:45 – 29:16 total time with rests
    Elizabeth: 40/1:25/2:22/39/1:28/2:21/40/1:29/2:21 – 24:58 total time with rests.

    EXCELLENT work you two!!
    I hope to do TOSH this weekend! – kt


  8. Slow and steady wins MY race.

    Did TOSH Rx today (last time it was scaled)
    56/2:12/3:56/1:06/2:34/3:52/1:09/2:23/3:42 = 39:XX if I did my math right.

    Felt good to push through RX distances tonight.

    Race update:
    10 days. 🙂


  9. Always keepin’ it real with the 5PM crew! We had a small group tonight but we had some fun with some shuttle sprints and Tosh! Tosh is a popular benchmark CFE WOD so fear not…. you will meet Tosh again!
    Here is what I had on my watch tonight-
    Wayne (39 1:25 2:27)(38 1:32 2:35)(40 1:35 2:30) total tosh time approx- 27:31
    Barbra (44 1:38 2:38)(44 1:40 2:38)(43 1:37 2:36) total 27:31
    Leslie (45 1:38 2:38)(45 1:38 2:38)(43 1:37 2:36) total 27:31
    Good work! See you next week 🙂


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