CFE Workouts for the week of Feb 20th

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 4-8x 400M Rest 1:30, hold 3-5sec (Compare times to 2/12/12)

C2: 4-6x 500M Rest 1:30, hold 3-5 sec

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 2-4x 1000M Rest 3:00, hold 3-5 sec (Compare times to 1/29/12)

C2: 2-4x 1250, Rest 3:00, hold 3-5 sec

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race): 5K 0r 10K time trial – this is an all out effort, should be your only workout of the day.

* We have noticed a trend of fewer people on long interval day! Don’t let those longer distances scare you off!! Remember everything we do in Crossfit is scalable and this applies to CFE as well. If the long interval days are to long for you please come and the coaches will help you find a distance that is appropriate for you no matter what the workout is!


11 thoughts on “CFE Workouts for the week of Feb 20th

  1. Little insight about the upcoming “Saddlebrooke Run” (1 Mile, 5k and 10k) on March 3rd . I talked to my buddy putting on the race and the prizes for the top runners in the 5k get up to $50 dollars of bike accessories from Kuat. And the 10k winners will get Oakleys valued up to $125. Nice prizes. The race details can be found at the OMRR (Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners website.)


  2. Monday night runners… here are your 400M times for those who had me record for them

    Jason 1:20 1:21 1:25 1:30
    Andy 1:31 1:23 1:20 1:19 1:15
    Jamie (200’s) 45 42 44 43 44 41
    Kim 2:13 (200’s) 55 56 56 58 53
    Brian 1:43 1:43 1:41 1:39
    Beth 1:58 1:59 2:05 2:02
    Karen 2:18 2:31 2:19 2:31
    Jess 1:41 1:47 1:55 2:07

    *** Best of luck to Karen this weekend as she runs her first half marathon at Disney! She has been training with us from the very beginning and put in tons of hard work and sweat towards her goal! We are super pumped for you Karen and proud of how hard you have worked!


    1. Thanks!!! I’m super appreciative of all the support from the coaches and runners alike. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!
      I’ll be on Disney property in 24 hours, my race is in 4 days and about 10 hours. 🙂


  3. Beautiful day to run some 400’s!
    Warmup 400m run, then 6×400’s with a rest 1:30, hold 3-5 seconds.
    Dan: 1:31/1:36/1:40/1:42/1:47/1:44
    Libby: 1:32/1:33/1:32/1:34/1:36/1:31
    KT: 1:29/1:32/1:29/1:33/1:35/1:33
    Great work!


  4. Beautiful day today!
    10 am group ran a 1000m warm-up, lean, fall, catch drills, over-exaggerated hamstring pulls drills, lean/hop drills.
    Then, 3x1000m with 3 minute rests in between.
    Thanks for joining us today, Erica, Tim, and Anna!
    Erica: 4:29/4:51/5:11
    Tim: 4:00/4:17/4:31
    Dan: 4:21/4:31/4:45
    Anna: 4:22/4:23/4:34
    Libby: 4:14/4:16/4:15

    Finished with stretching and weighted planks!
    Nice work everyone!


  5. First Endurance WOD Today Beautiful weather for running. Elizabeth-Chad-Melissa-Kristy Great Job! with what your doing and introducing another aspect of fitness. 4-1000M Great Group Today. Thank You Coaches.


  6. A few new faces tonight and some beautiful running weather (minus the wind)! Great job to everyone.

    Wayne 4:04 4:12 4:25
    Regina 4:37 4:46
    Jamie 4:32 4:35
    Mel 4:28 4:26 4:32 4:44
    Abby 5:04 5:15
    Jessica 4:52 5:13
    Jason 3:58 4:11 4:13
    Troy 4:10 4:13 4:04 4:05
    Brian 4:38 4:34
    Jess 5:04 5:24 5:46
    Maggie 6:18 6:45
    Barbra 4:40 4:44 4:44
    Brent 4:34 4:31 4:32 4:44


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