Stretching Your Way of Thinking

By: Kristy Taylor
“After hearing Kelly speak, I don’t know if I’ll ever do another workout without doing some type of mobility work during and/or after. I wonder how much better my body would have performed, had I put more emphasis on this stuff.” – Melissa Wistrom

Let’s face it,  the ideas of movement, mechanics and mobility have never been a priority for most of us.  It’s not because we’re void of “wonky” movements either.  How many of you have a shoulder that is sore, right-this-second?  Yeah.  WONKY.  You need this.   You should, at this point, be asking yourself, “what does mobility even mean”?  For most of us, “smashing” and “flossing” are what we do with records and teeth.  However, they are also terms that pertain to mobility movements and therapies that have the ability to completely change the way (and intensity) with which you train?  Bear with me here – I’m going to do my best to help you wrap your mind around these concepts, regardless of how flexible (or inflexible) you may think you are!

Being extremely intrigued with all these new ideas, Melissa Wistrom, Rana Jones, and I completed CrossFit’s Mobility Seminar in Seattle, WA.  If you follow the Mobility Project online, you know Kelly Starrett (K-Star) is the “physicial therapist to the CrossFit stars”, and also provides the rest of us unique ideas and ways to improve our own performance through his methodology.  Starrett is a wealth of practical information on injury prevention, movement mechanics, mobility, flexibility and recovery practices, as well as a jokester!   He made the course interesting and fun by weaving physicial therapy lingo with self-invented words like, “wonky” to describe bad movement patterns.

There are so many things I could tell you to do right now that would make a difference in your workout, but do me a favor and check out and find what works for you.  Kelly  pushed us to encourage our athletes to be able to take care of themselves.  So, pick a body part, search it on, and get to smashing!  Spend at least 2 minutes a day each side working on flexibility, movement mechanics, or ideas for recovery.  Post workout is ideal for these therapies, when you are warm and your muscles need recovery.   And, of course your CFE coaches are here to help you and will be bringing more of these practices to you in class.

Oh yeah!  We are working on getting K-Star to pay us a visit sometime later this year, so keep your ears to the ground, and we’ll keep you posted.  Alright CFE friends, that’s it for now, so grab a bar, a lacrosse ball, or band and get after it!


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