CFE WOD’s for the week of 3/5

* CFE Coaches KT and Elizabeth Represent at Saddlebrooke with 1st place finishes!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 4-6 X 400M TT Rest 3:00-4:00 between each set (TT= Time Trial, these are all out efforts, a day to PR your 400M time. Give your self between 3-4 min of rest trying to fully recover between each set.)

C2: 4-6 X 500M TT Rest 3:00-4:00 (All out effort on the rower as well, PR that 500M row time!)

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 2 x 400m with 1:00 rest between & 2 x 800 with 3:00 rest between, deviate no more than 2-3 seconds on 400m and 3-5 seconds on 800m

C2: 2 x 500m with 1:00 rest between + 2 x 1000 with 3:00 rest between, deviate no more than 2-3 seconds on 400m and 3-5 seconds on 1000m

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 7Miles at 95% of 10KTT pace

*We are still looking for volunteers for the My Sham Rox race  Click here for more info —–> My ShamRox, also be sure to check out our Upcoming Race tab for info on local races that CFE Springfield will be representing at.

* We recently started a discussion on our Facebook Page  about additional class times for the spring and summer. Join in the discussion on FB or post to comments your thoughts about times and days you would like to see more CFE classes.




10 thoughts on “CFE WOD’s for the week of 3/5

  1. Way to represent KT & Elizabeth! Good news: smashed my PR. Bad news: I was spent after 2 rounds. Forgot to breathe right I think.
    500m Time Trials rest 3-4mins
    I WILL be a cardio beast or die trying. FYI My disc issues limit me to only an occasional running session. That’s why I always end up rowing.


    1. Jim, a PR on TT day is music to my ears! That is the whole point of TT day. You guys should be totally spent by the end of the workout. I am not worried about how consistent your times are but rather that you gave 100% on each effort. I am always encouraged that you perform each one of the rowing workouts I write. These workouts are no joke on the rower.


  2. Nice work yourself, Jim!! Way to stick with this endurance program even though you are doing on your own, with back issues. You are going to be a cardio beast, if you’re not already! 🙂 -kt


  3. Sorry for the late post guys! Good work to all on the 400’s. Lots of people PR’d their 400M time last night which is the whole point of TT day. When you see “TT” in the workout, come to class knowing what your PR is so that you can work towards crushing it! Use the blog to help keep track of your times or a crossfit tracking website such as or one of the many iPhone apps.

    Leslie 1:31 1:30 1:33
    Tracy 2:06 2:17 2:21
    Kim 2:05 2:07 2:08 2:09
    Bradley 1:41 1:48 1:49 2:04
    Abby 1:35 1:35 1:54 1:40
    Jess 1:27 1:25 1:38 1:40
    Angie 2:13 2:24 2;21 2:32
    Brian 1:29 1:31 1:28 1:23
    Jason 1:23 1:25 1:22 1:18
    Beth 1:46 1:48 1:49 1:51
    Lisa 2:26 2:34 2:41 2:44
    Karen 2:05 2:11 2:01


  4. Just Amy H. and I doing 400’s after the 9 a.m. WOD.
    We were spent, but did two 400m TT in the CRAZY WIND!
    Amy: 1:18/1:19
    KT: 1:38/1:39

    I think I was off 8-9 seconds on my pr b/c of the wind…Yikes! – kt


  5. 400M x5 TT in tornado speed winds for me too! CRAZY!!!!!! followed by my very own “8min abs”…. had to get a taste of my own medicine on that one, good stuff!
    Elizabeth: 1:19, 1:23, 1:21, 1:24, 1:18


  6. 2x500M with 1:00 rest and 2x1000M with 3:00 rest on the rowers tonight due to the rain and cold weather.
    Good work friends…
    Wayne 1:48 1:50 4:02 4:01
    Maggie 2:03 2:07 4:47 4:27
    Brian 2:32 2:06 4:35 4:22
    Beth 2:32 2:19 5:00 5:12
    Leslie 2:10 2:10 4:41 4:37
    Karen 2:19 2:22 4:52 4:42
    Bradley 2:20 2:23 5:04 5:02


  7. 10 am – Dan the Man!!
    Warmup – 400m and dynamic stretching
    2 x 500/1:00 rest

    2×1000/3:00 rest

    Nice work!!!


  8. 1 mi warm up
    4 1 mi interval 6:35 x4
    1 mi cool down



  9. Rainy weather kept us inside tonight and out of the goodness of my heart we changed the WOD to 5×4:00 with 3:00 rest, hold distance as close as possible, on the rowers. Fear not though, I will be re-prgramming mile repeats again very soon! Lets hope the spring time is as kind to us as the winter time was and we don’t have to do to many row workouts. Good work tonight!
    Jason- 890, 1000, 993
    Andy 1100, 1121, 1108, 1096, 1171
    Brian 947, 1021, 1038
    Leslie 881, 858, 860, 857, 864
    Jessica 921, 936, 903, 895, 881
    Wayne 1023, 1046, 1053, 1091, 1023
    Maggie 972, 964, 906, 887, 890
    Bradley 774, 831, 814, 822, 823
    Abby 882, 874, 856, 847, 860
    Jacob 957, 935, 944, 924, 920


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