WOD’s for the week of 4/30

Here is some great tips from CFE HQ about running on your toes and for those of you who hablo espanol stay tuned for the Spanish translation at the end!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): Short Tosh 3x (100M, 200M, 400M) Work:Rest 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each interval in a set. (100m in 20s, rest 20s, 200m in 35s, rest 35s, 400m in 1:30, rest 1:30, etc.)

C2:  Short Tosh 3x(125M, 250M, 500M) Work:Rest 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each interval in a set

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 3x1200M TT Rest 4-5min (TT=time trial, these are all out efforts we are not concerned about your consistency with the intervals but rather that you PR your time. If it takes you 3:30 to run the first 1200 then on #2 you should push your self to run a 3:29! Go hard, go fast. TT day should hurt.) Compare times to 3/12/12

C2:  3x1500M TT Rest 4-5 min

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 2x2Miles Rest 5-10min hold each effort :30-1:00

Featured CFE Athlete Angie Kallmbah

Angie is our first featured endurance athlete! She faithfully runs with the 5PM group and we have seen her improve week after week. She is currently training for a 1/2 marathon this spring. We are so proud of you Angie, thank you for representing CFE- Springfield so well. Here is Angie’s story- 

Hi! My name is Angie Kallmbah. I live in Nixa with my daughter Blake and work at Vision Enhancement Clinic in Springfield. My CrossFit experience started a little over 2 ½ years ago. A friend and I were attending a class 3 x weekly with a trainer. She suggested we try the “newbie” class held on Sat at CrossFit Springfield. Jeremy ran us through “Fran” with only the dowel rod. I felt that workout until the following Tuesday! Well, to say the least, I was hooked.

How would I describe my past running experience? 2 words…. “none” & “ negative”. When I started CrossFit I could not run to the stop sign & back (on Lark) without stopping. One day during a “rugby style” warm up with Jessi I could not keep up with the group and had to fall back, Jessi fell back with me and what she said to me has  stuck with me to this day when I run,  “It’s just you out here, it’s all you”. CrossFit has made me stronger in general so my running has improved somewhat over time.  I have run 5k’s before and didn’t have trouble finishing but I have never had the endurance to not walk frequently during the race.  I dabbled with CrossFit Endurance a little back in Nov/Dec. A Friend asked me if I would do a 1/2 Marathon this spring so I committed to the new 12 week CFE cycle that started January 2012.  I attend the 5pm Monday & Thursday CFE class. I don’t think I have a “favorite” CFE workout but I do tend to like the long distance intervals we do on Thursdays. I was introduced to “Tosh” last week and I have to say it has been my least favorite so far. I have seen my running endurance improve weekly. I had previously only run 1 mile without stopping and that was a struggle. I think I only got through it because Mel ran with me.  My newest benchmark for distance without stopping is 8k (just under 5 miles) a few weeks ago!

We are so fortunate to have access to coaches at CFS who invest in our success. I am especially grateful for the CFE coaching staff. Their knowledge and encouragement have been crucial to my success with the CFE program.

How do I feel about running now? I still cringe when I hear one of our CFS coaches yell “Stop Sign and back” before a warm up, but now I really look forward to the longer runs. I have learned that my body & mind “fights” me for about the first mile and I just have to “gut” that out. Training with CFE has given me the tools to help push through both the mental and physical obstacles I come up against when running.

WOD’s for the week of 4/23

Kara and the 10AM group enjoying a beautiful spring day with 
some short interval sprints!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 10 x 100m TT with 10-20 pound weight vest, rest 2:00  (If you have a wt vest please bring it. This workout can be scaled by running without a wt vest if needed. We will be using wt vests or sandbags and sprinting at the dead end.)

C2:  10 x 125m TT with 10-20 pound vest, rest 2:00

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 3-5 x 1000m, rest 3:00, hold efforts within 3-5 seconds (compare times to 2/27/2012)

C2:  3-5 x 1200m, rest 3:00, hold efforts within 3-5 seconds

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 10M TT

The CFE Seminar is 6 weeks away!!! Are you signed up?????

* The Dropping Plates Fatal 5K is this weekend , checkout our Upcoming Events tab for info on this and other races.

Rest and Recovery

                           By Elizabeth Koch
* This is a repeat post from back in January. We have lots of new runners 
joining us lately and I felt like it would be a great topic to revisit for 
all our new runners.

So, a common question that has come up recently with the start of our endurance group is how to add CFE into your current workout schedule. “So do I do the WOD first, then do endurance group? Should I skip the WOD and just run? Should I run and then do the WOD?”….. You get the point! Before I break it down, allow me to make one point, if I may, as I climb up on my soapbox…QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, LESS IS MORE!!!! I believe strongly in these principles in almost everything that I do, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition! Keep it smart and simple!

If you follow the Crossfit Endurance page at all, and have read their FAQ section or the About Us section of our blog, you will notice that we suggest you perform your endurance workouts 3+ hours before or after you do your regular CF WOD or let it be your only workout. As in anything you do though you need to approach this rule considering who you are and what your goals are. Why are you coming to the endurance group? Are you training for an upcoming endurance event? Gearing up for the CF Open? Wanting to improve your running form and skill? Or do you just love Kristy, Melissa, Chad and me that much? I agree with the CFE prescription of waiting at least 3 hours before or after a CF WOD to perform your endurance work, but I also understand that life does not always allow us to come to the gym twice a day, or you may not want to come twice a day. Here are my recommendations for rest and recovery when it comes to endurance work:

1. If you are serious about your training and have a specific event you are working towards (½ marathon, marathon, triathlon, serious Games competitor) try your hardest to give your body that recovery it needs so that you can get the most out of each one of your training sessions.  If you want to hit both a CFE WOD and a CF WOD in the same day, aim for one workout in the AM and then the other in the PM. (i.e. hit the 6am WOD in the morning and then swing in for some endurance at 5PM).

2. If you are not used to performing multiple workouts in a day and don’t have a desire to, then don’t! On Mon/Thurs or Tues/Thurs, make Endurance group your only workout.

4. If you can’t or don’t want to recover at least 3+ hours between workouts, then approach one workout in a scaled fashion (i.e. 4pm CF WOD followed by Endurance group at 5, but maybe only perform 6 intervals when the workout is written 6-12 x200). Or you could do the endurance WOD for the day, and only perform the strength portion of the daily WOD if it is written that way.

The point I want you to take away from this is that if you choose to perform two workouts back-to-back, something, somewhere is probably going to give. If you PR your deadlift inside the box, followed by your best Fran time ever, chances are you are going to be feeling it outside during those 800 repeats. The basic principle of Crossfit is constantly varied, functional fitness at high intensity. If you are hitting multiple workouts in a row with little to no recovery between them your ability to maintain high intensity will be compromised thus reducing the effectiveness of your workout and training session. The purpose of the 3+ hours between workouts is to allow your body time to recover and rebuild.

From the CFE site: “We recommend the 3+ hour recovery time set up just for that reason, Recover! These intervals are meant to be done at high intensity. If you do the CFE WOD 10 min after the CFE S&C WOD, we can promise you that your workout will suffer for it. The second wod will not be of the quality and intensity that we would like to see. We do understand that you can only do what your schedule permits, but back to back WODs will not be “As hard as you can go”.”

WOD’s For The Week of 4/16

Look at that 5PM crew nailing some beautiful form during drills!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 12x 1:00 on 1:00 off post distance to comments (for this WOD we will head out to the dead-end again and run on a 400m course. You will run for 1:00 and then stop and rest for 1:00 x12 total minutes.)

C2: 12x 1:00 on 1:00 off, post distance to comments

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): “Tosh” 3 x (200m + 400m + 600m) Work:Rest 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each interval in a set. (200m in 35s, rest 35s, 400m in 1:20, rest 1:20, 600m in 2:00, rest 2:00, etc.). Compare times to 2/13/12.

C2: “Tosh” 3 x (250m + 500m + 750m)

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 5M @ 90% of 10k TT pace

*****Make sure to check out Friday’s post about T-shirts and weigh in on what you would like to see on our CFE Springfield t-shirts.****

CFE Springfield T-Shirt Time

By: Kristy Taylor

I can’t believe we’ve gone this long without a CFE tshirt!  It’s time to get a logo and shirt so we can really represent at races, in the gym, on the track and at events.  I have been working on a logo for us, along with some slogans….but we need your input as well.  Submit your favorite running sayings, quotes, your personal mantra and any other ideas you might have to help us make our BA CFE shirts standout!  Here are some basic thoughts we have come up with so far. These are only rough drafts. Lets us know which one you like the most, what style of shirts you would like to have, colors and any changes you may like to see.




Along with these ideas, below are some other thoughts to ponder!  Please give us your feedback via comments here on the blog as well as what you would like to have available for purchase: t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, tech shirt, sweat bands, tutus, coffee cups, mouse pads etc!

Forging Elite Runners

Leading the way.

Lean. Fall.  Catch….try to catch us.

Follow the leader.

Making impressions.

It’s more than just speedwork, it’s a science.

Catch me now.

Quality Over Quantity.

Skill, Strength, Stamina, Speed.

Whatever you do with this, remember….HAVE A GOOD RUN!   Love! –kt

WOD’s for the week of 4/9

Congrats to all the Dog Dash finishers! Some notable finishes again this weekend: Chad 1st age division, Ethan Taylor 1st age division, Ron B. 2nd age division, Angie K with another distance PR! 

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 6:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 3:00, 4:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 2:00, 2:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30 (For this WOD you will run a 100M sprint every 30sec for 6min, if it takes you 20sec to run 100m then you rest 10sec and continue on for the duration of the WOD in this way. Runners who are unable to run 100m in 30sec will scale the distance to 50m)

C2:  6:00 of 125m sprints on 0:30, rest 3:00, 4:00 of 125m sprints on 0:30, rest 2:00, 2:00 of 125m sprints on 0:30

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 1000m with 2:30 Rest, 1200m with 3:00 Rest, 1600m

C2: 5:00 on, 2:30 off, 6:00 on, 3:00 off, 7:00 on

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 5K TT(time trial)

Coach’s Pick Endurance Gear

With racing season on the horizon here is a list of your CFE coach’s favorite gear to get you all suited up for that next road race or triathlon!

Coach KT’s favorite running gear…..

 Saucony Peregrine.  it is a minimal trail running shoe.  It is a little more durable than a regular running shoe, and is very lightweight.  The heel drop is 4 mm which is closer to barefoot than the traditional running shoe.  I also enjoy these for Crossfitting. $90 The Starting Block

 Clif Bar Mini pre-race quick energy. 89¢ The Starting Block

The hand-held Fuel Belt water bottle.  Great for those longer runs when hydration is really important.  $10 The Starting Block

The Fuel Belt race belt!  Hold my race bibs in place and makes no holes in my Lulu! $10 at The Starting Block

CEP Compression socks!  Love these for running and CrossFitting.  The compression gear really helps keep the blood moving to your muscles for better oxygen delivery and recovery. $40-$60 The Starting Block

Coach Elizabeth’s Favorite running/endurance gear….

Saucony Kinvara running shoes. A light weight minimalist shoe that still provides good cushioning on longer runs. I train and race in this shoe. Available at The Starting Block.

      Yankz quick tie laces for quick T2 transition during races. Available at The Starting Block.

iPod Shuffle…. can’t run intervals without some good music playing!

Timex Ironman basic interval watch for all my basic CFE interval work.

Garmin Forerunner 305 for my distance based runs and biking intervals.

Zoot triathlon shorts. These shorts have a light weight pad on the inside that help keep your butt comfy during those long rides but don’t make you look like you have on a soggy Pampers when you are getting out of the water! Available at The Starting Block.

Bento Box for all my race nutrition, cell phone, keys etc.

Coconut water with pulp. Mixed with 1/2 water inside my water bottles during long rides or races for electrolyte replacement or a delicious post workout drink!


**What about you? Post any of your favorite gear to comments to share with others! 

WOD’s For the Week of 4/2

Congrats to all our CFE Pitter Pat finishers!

CFE represented in a big way this weekend at the  Pitter Pat 5K/10K race at Drury. Athletes who raced this weekend include: Amy Hietter (1st place overall women’s 5K) Kristy Taylor (1st place 5K age division), Chad Brinkley (1st place 10K over-all male masters), Elizabeth Koch (1st place 10K age division), Brian Rice (1st place 5K age division), Fina Doroscan (3rd place 10K age division), Bradley McClinton (first 5K race ever), Angie Kallmbah (ran her first 3mi straight without stopping!!!), Eric Baker, Melissa Wistrom, Gloria Turner, Rana Jones, Leslie Gloe, and Donna Gloe. Share your times, accomplishments and stories to comments. Here is what Karen Harris had to say about her experience on the side lines this weekend: “Sometimes cheering others on at a race is just as valuable as racing itself. I decided to give back today and cheer on some of my favorite runners! I am super proud to be part of such an amazing group of athletes.  As a racer, cheers from spectators push racers through their struggles. It was a great chance for me to give back, to my friends & strangers alike! Great job to all who ran the Pitter Pat.” –Karen L Harris

Time Trial Week!!

We have just completed a 12 week cycle of basic CFE WOD’s. We will spend this week testing max efforts at various distances as a finishing point to one cycle and a beginning point to another 12 week cycle. For those of you who have been running with us since January, come and put what you have learned to the test. For those of you who have just started or who may be thinking about starting, this is a great week to test where you currently are in your running abilities and join us more regularly. At the end of the next 12 week cycle we will again perform a TT week.

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): For time resting approx 5min in between each effort: 200m 400m 800m 1600m  time trial efforts, each one of these is an all out effort go hard!

C2: For time resting approx 5min in between each effort: 250m 500m 1000m 2000m  time trial efforts, each one of these is an all out effort go hard!

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 5K TT! We will use the 5K Gone Bad course. Please don’t let this distance scare you off this week, just as we normally do we can scale the distance for your running ability.We will warm up as a group and your coaches will be out there to help encourage and push you.

C2: 5K TT (if anyone actually does this mad props to you!)

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): For all of my runners training for upcoming 1/2 or full marathons. Use the blog or FB to hook up and get these long runs in together. 10mile TT

OR ….. don’t forget this coming weekend is the Downtown Dog Dash 5K and 8K  put on by our very own Jen C and Chris Louzader, come out and support the Wistrom Foundation and the SAAF House.