Coach’s Pick Endurance Gear

With racing season on the horizon here is a list of your CFE coach’s favorite gear to get you all suited up for that next road race or triathlon!

Coach KT’s favorite running gear…..

 Saucony Peregrine.  it is a minimal trail running shoe.  It is a little more durable than a regular running shoe, and is very lightweight.  The heel drop is 4 mm which is closer to barefoot than the traditional running shoe.  I also enjoy these for Crossfitting. $90 The Starting Block

 Clif Bar Mini pre-race quick energy. 89¢ The Starting Block

The hand-held Fuel Belt water bottle.  Great for those longer runs when hydration is really important.  $10 The Starting Block

The Fuel Belt race belt!  Hold my race bibs in place and makes no holes in my Lulu! $10 at The Starting Block

CEP Compression socks!  Love these for running and CrossFitting.  The compression gear really helps keep the blood moving to your muscles for better oxygen delivery and recovery. $40-$60 The Starting Block

Coach Elizabeth’s Favorite running/endurance gear….

Saucony Kinvara running shoes. A light weight minimalist shoe that still provides good cushioning on longer runs. I train and race in this shoe. Available at The Starting Block.

      Yankz quick tie laces for quick T2 transition during races. Available at The Starting Block.

iPod Shuffle…. can’t run intervals without some good music playing!

Timex Ironman basic interval watch for all my basic CFE interval work.

Garmin Forerunner 305 for my distance based runs and biking intervals.

Zoot triathlon shorts. These shorts have a light weight pad on the inside that help keep your butt comfy during those long rides but don’t make you look like you have on a soggy Pampers when you are getting out of the water! Available at The Starting Block.

Bento Box for all my race nutrition, cell phone, keys etc.

Coconut water with pulp. Mixed with 1/2 water inside my water bottles during long rides or races for electrolyte replacement or a delicious post workout drink!


**What about you? Post any of your favorite gear to comments to share with others! 

9 thoughts on “Coach’s Pick Endurance Gear

  1. Let’s see………..

    Duck Tape and a rope thong come to mind first and then maybe a TuTu.

    I love my Neon Yellow Saucony Kinerva’s and also run in my Kinverva 2’s. I can’t put cool pictures like the coaches so have to put in a stimulating visual of my shoes. They are super light and they seem to hold up during the race rather well.

    iPod loaded with some Manilow, Village People, Chicago and Selena Gomez.

    Pre-Race breakfast burrito and right before race have to ingest some of that squeeze Gatorade pouch.

    I love my Under Armour All Sport socks. Courtesy of Academy Sports. $9 bucks. Want to look at the socks KT put on here also someday. I have seen people wear those quite a bit in races.

    I am going to buy one of those Fuel Belts. Those look very handy to hang your bib and then the Yankz shoestrings look very handy also. Also want to invest in one of the watches for the CFE endurance training.

    Thanks gals for disclosing your secrets to crushing races.


  2. I love coconut water WITH pulp. Haven’t mixed it for during a run training yet.
    I love my spibelt for carrying essentials, it can be used to hang your race bibs too. it can be found at the starting block.

    I like my CEP socks for long runs too.
    Looking for a new pair of shoes I’ll check those out.

    I’m looking for new tunes for me shuffle (if anyone wants to rip me a cd of their favorites I’ll take any offers. Chad says my cadence will improve with faster tempo music.


  3. Love the running tutus!!! I’ve never tried Saucony before. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for a new running shoe! Hopefully they make them in giant women sizes;)

    My favorite running items:

    -MP3 player
    -Garmin 210 (Got mine a couple weeks ago and it is Ahhhh-mazing!!!)
    -CEP Socks (For long runs. I think the bright pink ones might make me faster. I’m not positive).
    -SUNSCREEN. I love Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 facial sunscreen. I get it on Amazon. Took me years to find one that didn’t break out my skin.
    – Sunglasses. I need a new pair ’cause mine are falling apart
    – Gum (I only chew gum when I run. Extra Polar Ice is the best)
    – BOB Revolution stroller (when running with baby)


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