CFE Springfield T-Shirt Time

By: Kristy Taylor

I can’t believe we’ve gone this long without a CFE tshirt!  It’s time to get a logo and shirt so we can really represent at races, in the gym, on the track and at events.  I have been working on a logo for us, along with some slogans….but we need your input as well.  Submit your favorite running sayings, quotes, your personal mantra and any other ideas you might have to help us make our BA CFE shirts standout!  Here are some basic thoughts we have come up with so far. These are only rough drafts. Lets us know which one you like the most, what style of shirts you would like to have, colors and any changes you may like to see.




Along with these ideas, below are some other thoughts to ponder!  Please give us your feedback via comments here on the blog as well as what you would like to have available for purchase: t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, tech shirt, sweat bands, tutus, coffee cups, mouse pads etc!

Forging Elite Runners

Leading the way.

Lean. Fall.  Catch….try to catch us.

Follow the leader.

Making impressions.

It’s more than just speedwork, it’s a science.

Catch me now.

Quality Over Quantity.

Skill, Strength, Stamina, Speed.

Whatever you do with this, remember….HAVE A GOOD RUN!   Love! –kt


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