CFE Springfield T-Shirt Time

By: Kristy Taylor

I can’t believe we’ve gone this long without a CFE tshirt!  It’s time to get a logo and shirt so we can really represent at races, in the gym, on the track and at events.  I have been working on a logo for us, along with some slogans….but we need your input as well.  Submit your favorite running sayings, quotes, your personal mantra and any other ideas you might have to help us make our BA CFE shirts standout!  Here are some basic thoughts we have come up with so far. These are only rough drafts. Lets us know which one you like the most, what style of shirts you would like to have, colors and any changes you may like to see.




Along with these ideas, below are some other thoughts to ponder!  Please give us your feedback via comments here on the blog as well as what you would like to have available for purchase: t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, tech shirt, sweat bands, tutus, coffee cups, mouse pads etc!

Forging Elite Runners

Leading the way.

Lean. Fall.  Catch….try to catch us.

Follow the leader.

Making impressions.

It’s more than just speedwork, it’s a science.

Catch me now.

Quality Over Quantity.

Skill, Strength, Stamina, Speed.

Whatever you do with this, remember….HAVE A GOOD RUN!   Love! –kt

13 thoughts on “CFE Springfield T-Shirt Time

  1. I love “follow the leader” i vote that. and a brighter color scheme. I mean… we’re a pretty crazy group. Lets go hot pink or orange or lime green or all of the above! also, can we put a unicorn on it? i’m about 89% serious about all of this…


    1. Like the shoe print, it’s similar to the lean green running machine logo.

      I would like a tank option in a longer length (for longer torsos) when picking styles.


      1. I’d like to clarify, I like number 3’s shoe on the back. I think the logo that says CrossFit endurance should say Springfield in there as well.


  2. Brian likes the first design and shirt. Simple and cute. Lol

    I also have an idea for saying:

    5k, 8k, 10k, 15k………

    (be cool if the numbers were crossed out like representing you crushing a race and then marking thru it and on to the next unknown challenge)

    Also like the idea of a honey badger riding a cheetah chasing the unicorn jus sayin cause he don’t care.


  3. 1) I still like my first idea: “It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the POSE again.”

    2) A cheetah chasing a unicorn sounds awesome. I’m thinking that image with my line from above. The people following us can try and make sense of it all.

    3) What would be wrong with having a guy on a buffalo chasing the cheetah which is chasing the unicorn? Answer: nothing.

    4) Whatever is selected, get me one in 3xl.


  4. I think with Crossfit shirts, usually the more simple they are, the better they are. I like shirts that you can wear to work out in at Events, but also that you can wear with jeans or casual shorts. I vote for #3, with #2 as a close second.


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