WOD’s for the week of 4/30

Here is some great tips from CFE HQ about running on your toes and for those of you who hablo espanol stay tuned for the Spanish translation at the end!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): Short Tosh 3x (100M, 200M, 400M) Work:Rest 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each interval in a set. (100m in 20s, rest 20s, 200m in 35s, rest 35s, 400m in 1:30, rest 1:30, etc.)

C2:  Short Tosh 3x(125M, 250M, 500M) Work:Rest 1:1. Rest the exact time it takes to complete each interval in a set

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 3x1200M TT Rest 4-5min (TT=time trial, these are all out efforts we are not concerned about your consistency with the intervals but rather that you PR your time. If it takes you 3:30 to run the first 1200 then on #2 you should push your self to run a 3:29! Go hard, go fast. TT day should hurt.) Compare times to 3/12/12

C2:  3x1500M TT Rest 4-5 min

Long Run (not coached,  ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 2x2Miles Rest 5-10min hold each effort :30-1:00

20 thoughts on “WOD’s for the week of 4/30

  1. I did the 100m runs with the 20# weight vest today with Kara and Cindi! It was awkward and awesome all at the same time! Good work ladies, thanks for joining me for some CFE fun!

    Looks like a fun week in CFE-land, athletes!!! 🙂 – kt


  2. In order to prepare myself for 5K Gone Bad tonight, I performed Short TOSH on my lunch break. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a short distance sprinter and will never be so my times are little slower pace for the 100 and 200m but decreased my times on the 400 m runs today each time which was my goal today.

    Round 1: 100 (:22); 200 (:47); 400 (1:47)
    Round 2: 100 (:23); 200 (:46); 400 (1:37)
    Round 3: 100 (:23); 200 (:48): 400 (1:26)

    My last 400 was my best run of the day and felt strong all the way thru.

    Be interesting to do TOSH with a 20lb weight vest one day. Be a butt kicker for sure.

    Now 5K Gone Bad. Heard a fellow CF Endurance class mate crushed it this morning. Good Job Mr. Sheets.


  3. Good job, Brian!
    I did 5k Gone Bad at 8, and have to say that it felt really good. ALL of my runs felt strong…where in times past, I have really been hurting after the legs exercises. My old time done on 6/20/11 was 35:40 rx. Today? 31:52 rx (IN THE RAIN!) I love it…
    Good luck with Tosh Jr. and/or 5k Gone Bad!!!


  4. 5PM crew- please post your times to comments if you have them. I only caught a few of them tonight. Good work on short tosh. The verdict so far is that short tosh is even more of a kick in the pants than long tosh!

    Angie (30 1:08- transfered to rower
    Melissa (25, 55, 2:07)(26 58 2:12)(27 1:02 2:16)
    B Llew (- – -)(19 36 1:26)(19 42 1;21)
    Andy (– 1:41) (19 36 1:26)(19 42 1:21)
    Jamie –


  5. I agree Short Tosh is even more of a kick because the recovery times are shorter.
    I did Short Tosh this am with Leslie on one of the Trails.
    (:28,1:07,2:06)(:33,1:09, 2:12)(:32,1:04,2:01)
    I’m sure that I did short Tosh as a scaled version of Tosh in the fall. Any idea when that was Elizabeth?


    1. ok, I found the date.. The week of Oct 17th. I however did not record my time… Elizabeth- would you mind to check your book, Please. Thanks.:)


  6. Short Tosh with the 10am group today. I liked this one! However, the 90 degree curve going uphill and the wind on the way back were very sucky. Thanks for a great class, KT! Great job, everybody!
    :21, :48, 1:47
    :22, :52, 2:10 (yikes)
    :22, :57, 2:02


  7. Karen and I both agreed that Short Tosh is harder than Tosh this am when we ran it. But it’s also over faster! Whew! It was also super humid this morning after the rain.


  8. I loved this one! However, the 90 degree turn going uphill and driving wind on the way back were sucky. Great class, KT! The 10am group did an awesome job on this one!
    :21, :48, 1:47
    :22, :52, 2:10 (yikes)
    :22, :57, 2:02


  9. Went to my happy place today, MSU track with my headphones on, and did Short Tosh-
    (20 36 1:28)(18 41 1:31)(20 43 1:31)
    It was awesome to be out in the sun doing some intervals! Not my finest performance but I had fun 🙂


  10. Sorry gang, but have to miss today’s long intervals. I did however do them last night! 1200×3 (4:37)(4:42)(5:07)


  11. Holy Mother. That hurt. And I LOVED IT!!!
    1200 x 3 = 6:35, 6:45, 7:18
    No part of my soul wanted to head out on that third run, until Angie puked and rallied on hers. So, duh. I had to go. 🙂 Angie!!! You’re AWESOME! Thanks, Elizabeth!


  12. 5pm- Good work tonight. Here is what I have for times.
    Jason 5:01 – –
    Brian 5:39 5:09
    Bradley 6:02 6:16 6:16
    Angie 8:32 8:24 9:04+pukin’ rally! <—– that is what TT day should look like 🙂
    Jen C- see above!

    Rock stars, I tell you!


    1. Wow. Nice work gals. Awesome job and I guess even Pukey can sneak up on you anywhere. It was pretty hot out there. You girls are rock stars.


  13. NIce work to all of you who are putting in the work!!!
    Morning crew:
    Rana (scaled to 800M): 3:43/3:37/3:33
    Ron (with gimp shoulder and all!): 5:19/5:27/5:22
    Mel: 5:11/5:02/4:57
    Lisa: 6:!3/6:34/6:21
    JD: 6:20/6:34/5:34 (last scaled to 800m)
    Melissa: 7:05/7:17/7:43
    Jen: 5:48/5:47/5:44
    Natosha: -/6:34/6:16
    Bethany: 7:14/6:59/7:08
    Emily: 7:14/7:11/7:39
    Ollis & Jon completed the 1200m on the C2. Please post your times, boys!

    Have a great run! -kt



    Firstly, we did 1500m.


    Jon: 6:57/6:51/6:54

    Ollis (I’m guessing but w/in likely 1-5 sec): 5:56/5:47/5:42


  15. Karen and I did ours Thurs morning at 8 so we could hit hot yoga afterward. I am hoping my Garmin marked the trail right, because my times are WAY faster than the last 1200s we did on 3/15. (And I didn’t even realize it was TT…)

    5:49, 5:43, 5:28 (previous best 6:09, is it possible to improve that much?)


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