6 Weeks of Homework With Brian McKenzie

We have been working a lot more on cadence in class lately and talking about the importance of how fast we are pulling off the ground. For the next 6 weeks on the blog we will be posting a little cadence homework from Brian McKenzie at CFE on cadence, drills and helping to improve that turnover. We will not be doing this homework in class but ask those of you who are interested in participating to do it on your own. You will need a cadence monitor or to download a metronome app for your phone (see video). We currently have two metronomes in the CFE corner in the back of the gym that you are free to use, please return them to the back they are actually Chad’s and mine! We are going to work on getting some more metronomes  to use in class eventually. If you are interested in purchasing your own you can find them on Amazon.  I will post the new homework assignment for the week each Friday morning and you can choose to do it on your own at a convenient time for you, or use the blog to pair up with some other runners and do it together. The homework will build up more each week in duration and speed. For some of you, this can be  done before or after a WOD and for some of you it may be a workout in itself. Use the drills we do in class or check the CFE binder in the back for guidance on drills. Pay attention during your drills to your form and understand why you are doing that specific drill. When you are setting your metronome for the written cadence you need to double it (i.e- Brian has you do 4×30 sec @ cadence of 94-96, set your metronome for 188-192) when they write 94-96 they mean each foot needs to come in contact with the ground 94 times, both feet=188/min. If you have any questions please post to comments. Watch the above video for details on the homework. I will be doing this homework along side you guys! Best of luck.

Week 1 of 6 Cadence Homework:

1. 2-3 drills of your choice

2. 4x 30-45 sec. @ cadence of 94-96

3. 1 drill of your choice

4. 1×2 min @ cadence of 91

5. Repeat #2-4 one more time.

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