Week 2 of 6- Cadence Homework with Brian McKenzie

Here is your homework for week 2 of 6 weeks of the skill based running progression from CFE mastermind Brian McKenzie. If you missed the homework from Week 1 you can catch it HERE in addition to more info about the 6 weeks of homework we will be following. The reason we are doing this is to reinforce the skill of running and working to improve our running form through drills and cadence work. Cadence is one of the biggest needs for improvement that I see with my evening runners so use this to help you focus on your cadence and improving your form. If you are struggling with keeping up with the cadence prescribed in the homework do your 4×1 min efforts on the wall ( I am speaking from personal experience when I say that 🙂 ). Just as in all things in Crossfit, scale for intensity, form and skill. If this is to much for you dial back the cadence numbers and work up to the cadence of 96 or 91. Post any questions to comments. There are cadence meters by the endurance whiteboard for you to use.

Week 2 Skill Based Running Progression Homework

1. 3-4 Drills of your choice

2. 4x1min @ cadence of 96 (192)

  2a. 1 drill of choice between each 1 min effort

3. 1 x 4min @ cadence of 91 (182)

4. If you you are able repeat steps 2-3 again one more time. If that was challenging enough for you then call it good.

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