Week 3 of 6- Skill Based Running Homework

We are half way through our 6 weeks of skill based running homework. If you missed the first two weeks you can catch Week 1 and Week 2 on the blog. I know the heat has been intense but try to get out and do even just some of this homework to help you in developing and improving your form and cadence. Spend some time running with a cadence monitor and see how it helps clean up your form. If you are struggling with keeping up with the below cadences, scale them back to a pace that is manageable for you and do the homework as written. If you have any questions ask one of your knowledgeable and friendly CFE coaches or post to comments. – Stay cool and keep running!

Week 3 Homework (only x1 this week!)

1. 4 Drills of your choice

2. 4×1 min @ cadence of 98 (196)

3. 1 drill of your choice

4. 1x6min at 93-95 (186-190) cadence