WOD’s for the week of 7/2- CFE Total Week!

Are you ready to put your training to the test this week, see where you are at and establish some PR’s? Its “CFE Total” this week! We have reached the end of a 12 week training cycle and will spend the week seeing  where we are all at before we begin another cycle. On Mon/Tues we will sprint short interval distances (see below) and Thursday we will run a 5k for time to see where we are at. This is a great opportunity for those who have been training with us to test where they are at and an opportunity for those who have been wanting to try CFE out to see where your running times are at. Pictured above is the new CFE PR and Goal Board. As you complete the WOD’s this week either with a class or on your own please write your times up on the board along with your goals for CF/CFE. Your goal is what ever you want it to be, are you training for a race, wanting to improve your running for the WOD’s, wanting to improve your running form and skill etc. Throw up your PR and goals and revisit the board whenever you have set an new PR or achieved one of your goals. Compare times to 4/2/12

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): Perform each distance as an all out time trial effort. Rest approx 5 min between each sprint- 2ooM TT, 400M TT, 800M TT, 1mile TT

C2: 250MTT, 500M TT, 1000MTT, 2000M TT

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 5K TT

C2: 5K TT

Long Run (not coached, ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 5k or 10K TT


1. “Endurance Total” this week! Add your times and goals to the PR board

2. Firecracker 5K, 10K, Mile


6 thoughts on “WOD’s for the week of 7/2- CFE Total Week!

  1. Wow hit the wall on my mile run tonight.
    Tough runs tonight.

    Was close or tied my PR on 400 and 800. Like the new PR board. Think it needs a unicorn on it though. Lol


  2. Great turn out tonight for our short interval Endurance Total! The board is half full already! 10AM’ers, lets see if you can fill the other half! For those of you who are unable to make class this week, please add yourself to the PR/goals board and fill in your times. The PR board is a tool for you guys, not us. Use it and update it regularly to challenge yourselves and work towards improvement and achieving your goals. Don’t miss class on Thursday your Total is not complete without a 5K!


  3. Great 10 am group today!
    200/400/800/1-mile efforts:

    Ryan: 40/117/316/757
    Mark: 36/122/332/815
    Natosha: 34/119/324/724
    Jen C.: 44/137/356/917
    Amy H.: 35/114/306/651
    KT: 36/124/320/700

    We all have some great benchmarks set now to use as we start a new cycle next week. Thanks to Elizabeth and Andy and Grant for getting the PR done and up!

    We were all really tired by the time the one-mile effort came around.

    Thursday: 5k for time. Tomorrow, on the Branson Landing? 5k/10k Firecracker run? $20, get there by 7 or earlier to register. Starts at 7:30 (i think!) See link….

    Happy 4th Runners! Love – kt


  4. It’s awesome to see our PR board getting filled up with names, times, and goals for our athletes! Great work this week to all! This morning Brian, Bethany, Ben, Alissa, and I tackled the 5k! It was freaking hot! Not sure what everyone’s times were, and I don’t think anyone pr-d, but the work was put in.
    I didn’t finish because Bethany got overheated…I pr-d in being her mom! 🙂 I say that with love, Bethany. I hope you are feeling better!

    To that note: I would really encourage everyone to bring lots of water and some good snacks for post workouts. ESPECIALLY (against our advice) if you do a WOD and a CFE workout. This heat can really get your electrolytes and hydration levels off. Working out to the point where you get the chills is not going to help you reach your goals or improve your training. Again, I say that with love…I do the same thing!

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Tiger Tri in August, Sept. 29 Warrior Dash, Dogwood and Tough Mudder in October, and 5k Gone Bad/HOA in November. What are you training for?

    Stay tuned for a new cycle next week!


  5. Ran my 5K TT on my own today. Since I didn’t get out of bed until it got hot, I did it on the treadmill inside, so I knew I wouldn’t PR. It is too hard to pace myself on the treadmill, believe it or not!
    28:32 today. Haven’t run one that slow since July of last year (but it was a PR last year! lol).


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