Week 4 of 6 of Skill Based Running Progression

Its week 4 of 6 of the Skill Based Running Progression by CFE Main site. It looks pretty hairy this week! If you missed the first three weeks you can catch Week 1Week 2 and Week 3  on the blog. Again, we are doing this skill based homework to help us improve our form and eventually speed by improving our cadence. As Brian McKenzie says in the video, if this weeks homework is a struggle for you then take it back to week 3. Use this homework to help you assess where your running skills are at and cont to work on the areas that are a challenge to you. If you are still struggling with Week 1’s assignment then cont to work on Week 1 until you are able to keep up with the cadence meter and progress forward from there. If you have any questions please post to comments or ask one of your CFE coaches.

Week 4 Skill Based Running Progression Homework (only one time through but done three times this week if time permits 🙂 )

1. 3 drill of your choice

2. 4x90sec @ cadence of 100 (200)

2a. 1 drill between each interval

3. 6min @ cadence of 92-94 (184-188)

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