CFE “State of the Turnaround” We’ve Come So Far!

By Kristy Taylor

I started CrossFit in May of 2010.  I came in thinking I was in good shape. As an avid runner and racer, I had the racing circuit down. I did the training and long runs and took medals in almost every race I competed in. But when I picked up a wall ball for the first time?  Everything I new about my fitness was shaken to its core.  I had no strength, no power, no real stamina…WTH?

So, like most of us, I took a super-huge-gulp of the Kool-aid and started my Crossfit journey. I participated in the WODs daily and continued to run.  I started bridging the gap between my endurance and my strength.  When there was a WOD with running,  I welcomed it, looked forward to it, excelled at it.   But, for most CrossFitters running was not something they welcomed in a WOD.  I could see that there was a negative feeling regarding running, and I wanted to try and change that.  So, I attended the CrossFit Endurance certification and  that’s all it took.  It was then that I created the “CrossFit Running Groups” with a mission to change CrossFitter’s thoughts on running and bring some fresh ideas to the community.  So, in the midst of  the winter of December of 2010, I  set some running group times and we began what has now evolved into the “Crossfit Springfield Endurance Group.”  We have grown and changed over the years in our practices and theories.  With the help of Chad, Elizabeth, and the owners of CFS, CrossFit Running has evolved into what it is today,  CrossFit Endurance Springfield. Complete with awesome CFE programming, a sweet-action blog site, and a cougar chasing a unicorn t-shirt!

But the best part of all of this is you guys!  We have seen new and improved runners, faster Fran times, race PR’s, and story after story about how CFE has changed thoughts and feelings on running.

Thank you, all of you, for making CFE what it is. We look so forward to what we will continue to grow into!

Have a good run!



P.S.  Stay tuned soon for some exciting news about special endurance team training specifically for HOA brought to you by CFE Springfield!

3 thoughts on “CFE “State of the Turnaround” We’ve Come So Far!

  1. It was KT’s promise that the running group would run with runners of all types (ie NON runners)(the 5K loop once nearly killed me) that got me in the door and onto my journey of CrossFit and running. If she had told me then, in Demeber 2010 that 15 months later I would run a half marathon I would have laughed for sure. Thanks to all the coaches and runners who encourage EVERYONE along the way. For me, the encouragement has been life changing.


  2. Can attest to the Endurance class helping me out in all aspects of my training. I was not a runner, and still not a great runner but learned so much and love the benefits that the running class gives me.

    KT awesome job and love the story.

    To Karen and all of the other faithful participants great job to you guys and gals.


  3. So glad you took this idea and “ran” with it. You’re awesome! I’m ready for another round of CFE, but I can’t run much due to my back. Can you sweet talk someone into getting rowers over to us on the East side?


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