Its HOA Time… Are You Ready?

The kids are back in school, the heat is letting up…. fall is fast approaching and for CFS that means its time to set our eyes on November and start gearing up for Heart of America! Do you have your team set? Have you started your training? Crossfit Endurance Springfield is just as excited as you are and we are proud to announce the Crossfit Endurance HOA Training Clinics coming this September.

This 6 week seminar will kick off September 15th with a two hour mini CFE seminar where we will focus heavily on running form and teaching the Pose running technique. We will spend time discussing the Crossfit Endurance methodology, the importance of running mechanics and form and how to implement CFE training into your training routine. Then we will head outside where each athlete will have a video analysis done of their running form, rotate through stations learning drills to improve form and finish things off with a CFE WOD. The following 5 weeks of clinics will be one- hour long sessions with team endurance WOD’s involving basic Crossfit movements as well as running. Each workout will  start off with a CFE style warm-up complete with a review on running form and drills followed by the team WODS. All of the WODs during the 5 remaining seminars will be performed in teams of 2 or 3 people  and involve the olympic lifts, power lifts, gymnastic movements and basic CF movements we all know and love with a good dose of running. This will be an awesome opportunity to work on team communication and strategizing.

Not participating in HOA? This clinic is for you too! We will be focusing heavily on pose running form throughout the entire 6 weeks and helping to reduce your risk of injury through proper running mechanics and smart training as well as improve your endurance.

So what are you waiting for, gather some of your teammates, lace up your shoes and come prepared to improve your running form and endurance with Crossfit Springfield Endurance. If you have any further questions please post to comments or ask one of your friendly CFE coaches! See the above flyer for further details.

When:  Every Saturday starting September 15th, 7AM-9AM CFE Seminar- Methodology, video analysis, drills and CFE WOD

Saturday, September 22nd- Saturday October 20th 8AM-9AM- Running form review and drills, team style WOD’s.

Where: Crossfit Springfield West, East members welcome!

Cost: $25 for all six weeks. Please sign up and pay by 9/14 with a CFE coach or at the front desk.

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