WOD’s for The Week of 8/20

Congrats to Anna Algeo and Leslie Gloe for completing the Lulu 1/2 marathon and scoring some sweet new fashions in Vancouver,BC last weekend!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  8 x 300m, rest 2:00, hold splits within 2-3 seconds

 C2: 6 x 500m, rest 2:00, hold splits within 2-3 seconds

 Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  3 x 1M, rest 2:00, hold splits within 3-5 seconds

C2: 3 x 1500m, rest 2:00, hold splits within 3-5 seconds

Long Run (not coached, ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 5k TT


1. Crossfit Endurance HOA Training Clinics start September 15th- Sign up with a CFE coach or at the front desk!


5 thoughts on “WOD’s for The Week of 8/20

  1. Strong work to my 5PM’ers last night! Welcome Shane.

    Jen 1:15 1:17 1:15 1:14 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:14
    Scott 1:08 1:07 1:10 1:09…. take a rest day!
    Jason :60 :60 :60 :61 :60 :61 :60 :61 :60 :58
    Shane 1:08 1:09 1:07 1:08 1:07 1:09 1:07 1:04


  2. I took my rest day Elizabeth. All is well:)

    Couldn’t make it out Thursday for the long run so I did it here at home in Ozark. I got up early and ran my 5K TT- 28:18. PR by 2:42. Then went to the local trail and ran the split workout this afternoon. 3x1M- 8:46; 8:51; 9:04. Plus 50 burpees for not keeping the split between 3-5. The main goal today was to finish pain free, which I did. Can’t wait for next week!



    Thursday Long Intervals became Tuesday Short Intervals since everyone voted for that!
    Bethany: 119/117/117/119/125/123/127/120
    Cindy: 119/114/110/114/116/116/117/118
    Andy: 59/54/59/59/58/59/59/54

    Great work today!!!


  4. The evening crew welcomed some new runners tonight! Great job everyone on the mile repeats with 2:00 recovery!!!! That was a great exercise in pacing. If you are training for some upcoming 5K-Marathon race, this is an awesome workout to do to practice your pacing.

    Aaren (1K) 5:04 5:27 5:47
    Von 5:51 6:08 6:18
    Jason R 6:55 7:20 7:28
    Jason B 7:15 7:44 7:34
    Brian 8:10 8:17 8:12
    Jessica 8:08 8:41 8:39

    * Make sure you guys don’t miss CFE next week, Chad has cooked up some great workouts for you guys next week! You will be sorry you missed it 🙂


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