The Answer is in The Triangle!

By Elizabeth Koch

Why do I keep tweaking my shoulder?

Why has my knee started bothering me all the sudden?

Why am I crashing after a WOD?

Why am I not recovering as well between workouts?

Why can’t I lose this last 10lbs?

Why does my endurance suck so bad?

Why does my strength suck so bad?

I feel like I am plateauing in my progress with my workouts.

What is the meaning of life?

Here is a little something I picked up during the CFE Seminar this past June that just seem to reverberate so well with me. As simple as it looks, it  has the answer to most all of your questions. Although it may not tell you how to fix the problem it makes you stop and think systematically about where in the system something is breaking down and give you some insight on where to begin. Perhaps you have recently been struggling with a string of injuries. Have you considered that what you are eating might be playing a role in your sudden plague of injuries or maybe your training volume is to high or you have been skipping out on your mobility work. So, the next time you are asking your self why are my mile times getting slower or why am I not seeing any progress on my overhead squat  or what ever your may be scratching your head wondering “WHY” about when it comes to your fitness and health goals…. consult the triangle!


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