WOD’s for the Week of 9/17- CFE Total Week!

Thanks to all those who came out on Saturday morning for our first CFE HOA Training Clinic. We had an awesome turn-out and got to share CFE with many new faces. We are looking forward to our next clinic this Sat 9/22 8AM-9AM. Check the blog Friday to see Saturdays first team/partner WOD.


“Endurance Total Week”!

Its time again to put the training to the test. We have reached the end of another training cycle and we will start another next week but just as we always do, we will run the “Endurance Total” this week. On Mon/Tues we will test our 200, 400, 800 and 1-mile times (see below) and Thursday we will run a 5k for time. All efforts will be “time trial” efforts or ALL OUT efforts. This is a great opportunity for those who have been training with us to test where you are at and an opportunity for those who have been wanting to try CFE to come out to see where your running times are at.  As you complete the WOD’s this week either with a class or on your own please update the PR board, the board is full so if you don’t come and defend your spot on the board you may lose it!  Compare times to 7/2/12. Next week we will begin a new training cycle. 

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): Perform each distance as an all out time trial effort. Rest approx 5 min between each sprint- 2ooM TT, 400M TT, 800M TT, 1mile TT

C2: 250MTT, 500M TT, 1000MTT, 2000M TT

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 5K TT

C2: 5K TT

Long Run (not coached, ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts): 5k or 10K TT


1. Saturday 9/22- CFE HOA Training Clinic #2 8AM-9AM at CFS-west.

2. Sunday 9/23 Branson 70.3 half IM! – BEST OF LUCK TO COACH CHAD!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “WOD’s for the Week of 9/17- CFE Total Week!

  1. We had a strong, strong group come out for the CFE total tonight with a few new faces! A HUGE shout out to “Team Taylor” who PR’d not one, not two but all four distances on the CFE Total! Nice work guys 🙂 Make sure to update the PR board this week if you PR! -Elizabeth


  2. Erik and I did the CFE Total tonight at 5. Erik’s first time with “the Total”. He rocked it! I was disappointed that I didn’t PR any distances other than the mile (which was just a “sort-of” PR). I took two seconds off the mile from last time we did this, but it still doesn’t beat my HOA mile PR from last year. I was just 2-3 seconds off the others. Win some, lose some.
    Erik: :41, 1:39, 3:44, 7:50
    Me: :44, 1:39, 3:47, 8:35


  3. Ok. I’m smoking crack. Looks like last time my 800 was 3:56, and mile was 9:16. So I guess I did better than I thought. I’ll curb the pouting a bit.


  4. Nice work, Jen C. and Erik!!
    Reporting in from Tuesday, 10 a.m.!
    Mary: :39/1:34/3:54/8:27
    Ronna: :38/1:40/4:11/9:16
    Cindy: :39/1:32/3:43/8:16

    Great work everyone! So proud of the commitment to endurance! Welcome Ronna, first day!!!

    Don’t forget this Saturday, 8 a.m. for CFE/HOA training clinics! You can still join us, just come a little early on Saturday and get paid up! ($25)! Have a great week!! Enjoy this weather!


  5. Great 5k efforts today at 10!
    KT: 24:43 (off pr by 2 min. but I am glad I put in the work!)
    Mary: 29:10 (wants to get 27:00 next)
    Tosh: 26:50 (just came off the 9 am WOD!)
    Lisa: 26:52 (just came off the 9 am WOD!)
    Bethany: 30:01 (just came off the 9 am WOD!)

    I realize that doing endurance after the WOD is a matter of convenience, but bear in mind, your times are gonna be off because you were probably pretty tired from the WOD. And, in my opinion, doing an actual 5k race is the best way to push yourself on the 5k time. We all did the work today, but it wasn’t as hard as we could go, IMO.

    Nevertheless, thanks for putting in the work ladies. Now, you have a current benchmark!



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