CFE HOA Training Clinic #2

Thank you to all of you who came out for our first CFE Training Clinic last Sat. We had a great turnout and despite the rain we accomplished a lot. We genuinely hope you learned a thing or two about improving your running form and understand a bit more about Crossfit Endurance. In the next five weeks we will continue to focus on running form  and repeat many of the drills you were taught last weekend.  We will also be focusing our training on team work and general endurance through a Crossfit WOD. Below you will find the WOD for clinic #2 this Saturday 9/22 from 8AM-9AM. A scaled version of the WOD will be available Sat morning and as usual scaling is encouraged to maintain proper form and intensity. The WOD will be performed in teams of 2-4, so come with a buddy or be ready to make a buddy! If you missed last weekend and still want in on some of the endurance action we would love to have you. Please come a few min early to pay up and register!


In  teams of two-four people complete each of the following stations, in order. Each athlete must complete a station before the next athlete can begin working on that station. The clock stops when the last athlete on the team completes the last station.

For Time:

Station 1: 15 Reps of the Bear Complex [1 Deadlift, 1 Power Clean, 1 Jerk, 1 Back Squat] (115#/75#)

Station 2: Run 800 Meters

Station 3: 30 Pull Ups

Station 4: 9 Reps of bear complex

Station 5: Run 600 Meters

Station 6: 20 Pull Ups

Station 7: 6 Reps of bear complex

Station 8: Run 400 Meters

Station 9: 10 Pull Ups

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