CFE HOA Training Clinic #3

Pose running vs heel strike…. which do you think is more efficient and causes less injury to the body?
Come learn more at the CFE HOA Training clinics!

We are half-way through our 6 week Crossfit Endurance HOA training clinics. Good work to everyone who came out and completed “Bear Complex” last Saturday.Below you will find the WOD for clinic #2 this Saturday 9/29 from 8AM-9AM. Please bring a jump rope if you have one for drills. We will start promptly at 8AM with a warm-up, running drills and dive right into our partner WOD. See you Saturday!


In teams of two, the workout is performed like a relay. One athlete will run while the other is resting. As soon as one athlete completes a run, the next athlete begins. Your rest time is the amount of time it takes your partner to complete the distances written below.

3 Rounds for Time:

Athlete 1: Run 200 Meters

Athlete 2: Run 200 Meters

Athlete 1: Run 400 Meters

Athlete 2: Run 400 Meters

Athlete 3: Run 600 Meters

Athlete 3: Run 600 Meters

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