FINAL CFE HOA Training Clinic -#6


Tomorrow is our final CFE HOA Training clinic. Below you will find the partner WOD we will do. We will meet at 8AM as we have in the past. We will warm up with running drills and re-cap a lot of the things we have learned the past 6 weeks. We will also be doing another video review of runners to analyze how far you have progressed in your running form. Thank you to all of you who have trained with us the past 6 weeks. We hope to offer another CFE clinic in the spring time similar to what we have done the past 6 weeks. CFE classes are held on Mon/Thurs at 5PM or Tues/Thurs at 10AM if you are able to join us to continue to improve your running and endurance.

Short Interval Partner WOD: Sprints Gone Bad

6 Rounds for time…

5-10-5 Shuttle Sprint

25 Meter Band Resisted Sprint

100 Meter Sprint

100 Meter Backwards Run

100 Meter Buddy Carry

Rest 60 Seconds

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