WODS for the Week of 11/12

Coach Chad rockin the Tough Mudder a few weeks ago! Please join me in thanking Chad for everything he does for the CFE program!

* Keepin’ it real this week at CFE with some new WOD’s! Hope you can join us 🙂

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  “Tumilson”- 8 rounds for time: run 200 meters, 11 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts #45/60


C2: Row 250 meters 11 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts #45/60

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 1200M run to the base of the bridge, then hill repeats on the bridge with 10 seconds rest x8. (Athletes will begin at the bottom and sprint up and over the bridge, rest 10sec and repeat x8) finish with 1200M run.

C2: Row 1200m then Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off  All-Out Efforts finish with 1200m row

 Long Run (not coached, ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts):  10K TT


1. Turkey Trot 5K  11/22, early bird discount by 11/16

2. Its getting cold and dark…. please review our Weather Policy and try to avoid dressing in all black for the 5PM class.

16 thoughts on “WODS for the Week of 11/12

  1. Yes thank you Chad!! Your workouts are always so well planned! I know I miss the WODs a lot and I could do them on my own, but it just wouldn’t be the same without all of you!!


  2. Yes thanks to all of the Endurance coaches for what you guys do and the time you spend with us each and every week.

    And it’s amazing even in the middle of a Tough Mudder, Chad’s hair is still perfect looking. I am so jealous.

    Tumlinson last night was quite a challenge and great to honor our fallen soldiers. Great job to the gals last night for jumping in full bore. They never stopped and grinded thru it to the end.


  3. I’ve known Chad for a long time. Getting to watch him compete and being able to compete along side him has been extremely inspiring. And his hair is ALWAYS perfect! Thanks to Chad and all of the endurance coaches for keeping us all moving. You guys are ALL life changers.


  4. Great class this morning! This workout looks fun! A.k.a. HARD!
    I hope to pick it up this week!

    Ronessa: 17:45 @#40
    Justin: 18:38 @#60
    Rana: 19:22 @#30
    Mary: 19:39 @#45
    Jen C.: 24:00 @#45
    Brooke: 23:45 @#40
    Katie: 24:20 @#40
    Bethany: 25:15 @#40
    Steph: 22:15 @#30

    I predict this one will come around again, it is a great benchmark WOD for CFE. What a great way to apply the 200m interval training!

    Nice work everyone!!!



  5. Came in at 2pm today and did Tumilson followed by today’s conditioning WOD. I managed to finish the endurance portion in just under 20 minutes. After that I was only able to get 6 rounds plus 11 box jumps on the WOD.

    It is amazing how quick you lose it if you don’t use it!


  6. Good job, Scott! I agree!

    Had a great group at 10 today!

    Grant, Melissa, Mary, Jenny, Katie, Jon F., Stephanie, and Cindy!
    Had a chance to get some video so I will be emailing/fb-ing those with some pros/cons and things to work on!

    This week was a fun one! I need to make them both up!

    Great work to everyone! Get registered for The Turkey Trot by tomorrow and save money!!!



  7. My apologies/kudos to the 5pm class. I marked the trail that we ran. It was well over a mile. It just shows how great all of you are and how much further you actually pushed yourselves.

    Lisa you basically almost ran a 5K!!!


  8. What a week for CFE! Nice work to all the runners who have come out this week and put in all the hard work. We are pleased to see your smiling faces at class. Look forward to more “fun” like what we had this week. I CANNOT WAIT to be out there running along side you guys soon. Get registered for the Turkey Trot and make sure you wear your CFE Springfield shirt. – Elizabeth


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