WOD’s for the Week of 12/3

KT WoddyCongrats to CFE Coach KT on her “Prettiest Pose” Woddy this weekend at the first annual Woddy Awards!

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 10 burpees sprint 100M, 9 burpees  sprint 100M, 8 burpees sprint 100M ……..

C2: 10 burpees row 150 meters, 9 burpees row 150 meters, 8 burpees row 150 meters……..

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 2-3 x 1M TT, rest 5:00 between each effort

C2: 2-3 x 1M TT, rest 5:00 between each effort


1. Frosty Paws 5K this Saturday

2. Shred Fest this weekend, go support several of our CFS athletes!

11 thoughts on “WOD’s for the Week of 12/3

  1. Ok. I’ll be the first one to post, you sissies! Tonight’s CFE was no joke! Particularly after that soul-crushing WOD Jerm dreamed up! The PMers brought it tonight, though. I freaking LOVE this group! So much so that I’d been waiting all day to spend my bday with you cats. (meow) Anyhoo, 10:12rx for me. Nice work, everybody!!!


  2. Liked this one a lot! The hill was a nice touch (but I saw it coming)! 9:13rx

    I think I also PR’d on my plank at 2:30something. Great job to everyone on that little challenge! I don’t even know who dropped because we were all so ready!!


  3. I really wanted to do this Endurance WOD last night, but with the total demolition of myself from the 4P WOD, I chose wisely and didn’t jump into the fray. It was awesome to see such a big crew at Endurance.

    Jen C. Happy Birthday again. 40 is the new 20 😉

    Also wanting to jump into the Half-Marathon realm. Why do a 10K when you can run a Half Marathon. If anyone knows of a good Half Marathon next spring to sign up for let me know. I am looking to run it in March or April next year.


  4. A wod of burpees and running? Who would dream up something so devilish? Obviously, Elizabeth Koch.

    Believe it or not, these are not two of my stronger movements. The clock shut off at 22 min; i’m guessing my time around 25min. My only critique is that I felt high-rep thrusters should have been a part of this as well.


  5. I did this WOD tonight, a little confusion as to where the 100m mark was, however I think I figured it out thanks to Lisa g. 11:03 RX.

    Hard, but yet I liked it.


  6. Came in at 2pm with fellow CFEer Andy Cross. He chose to work on his Fran time and PR’d by over 3 1/2 minutes!! Nice job Andy!

    I finally got my mile PR under 7 minutes!

    Mile 1- 6:40 PR!!!!!
    Mile 2- 7:08 (previous PR)
    Mile 3- 7:47 (absolutely nothing left in the tank

    Guys 6 months ago I was just trying to get my mile under 10 minutes. This $@%* WORKS!!!

    Love you guys. Good luck at the 5pm. I expect to see some PR times from Lisa and Tina:) I know you guys are going to do it and I wish I was there to see it.


  7. Thanks for all the votes!

    Tuesday 10 a.m. times:
    10 Burpees run 100m…1 burpee, 100m run
    Steph: 12:40
    Katie: 10:15
    Harold: 12:29
    Jon F.
    Rana: 9:40
    Mary: 9:45

    Thursday 10 a.m. times:
    2, 1-mile repeats:
    Brooke: 846/857
    Steph: 913/930
    Jon F.: 820/809 (to 800m)

    I am hoping to pick up the burpee/sprint workout this weekend!

    Great work this week!


  8. My PM crew tore it up this week. Big classes, strong times! So proud of you guys. Sorry I did not get to posting your times. We had some PR’s on the mile as well! You may see me next week, you may not! But, you will be seeing me after the holidays coaching AND running! Can’t wait to get back to it along side you. Love you all- Elizabeth


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