WOD’s for the Week of 12/10

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  8×300 on 2:00

C2:  8×375 on 2:00

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): “Clovis .33″ run 3 miles 50 burpee pull-ups (partition run and burpees as desired)

C2: “Clovis .33” row 3 miles 50 burpee pull-ups, partition row and burpees as desired.

 Long Run (not coached, ideally done on the weekend for the athlete training for an upcoming race or wanting to add a long run into their workouts):  10K TT



5 thoughts on “WOD’s for the Week of 12/10

  1. 5PM class stayed warm and cozy inside last night on the rowers. We reviewed proper rowing technique and had plenty of time for not only mobility but abs! Anyone doing this workout on their own… please note it is not a 2:00 rest but rather every 2 min your are starting another 375 row, scale the distance as needed to make your intervals. Remember to keep those times as consistent as possible, ideally within 2-3 sec.


  2. Well, I kinda cheated this one…but I didn’t figure it out until the 6th or 7th round.

    I ran outside (cowards) and intended to run 150m/rest 30sec/repeat x 8. In actuality I think I ran about 100-120m. So 30sec was quite a recovery.

    By the 5th round I dropped my rest to 25sec to simulate a slower run time, and then to 20sec for the last four (I ended up doing two extra once I figured out my distance was less).

    Didn’t feel good about this. So I went in and did the wod by myself as penance. I doubt I will make this mistake again.


  3. CFE Tuesday at 10 a.m. 375m row every 2 minutes x 8 rounds
    Steph: 130/139/139/142/132
    Katie: 150/—–/
    Jen C. 133/139/140/142/143/144/144/143
    Mary: 122/125/126/129/129/129/130/129
    Alissa: 119/127/132/132/128/135
    Melissa: 129/133/135/135/140/140/140
    Kathy: 128/136/138/140/139/141/144

    This was tough, great endurance practice on the rower. HIGHLY encourage everyone to try this.

    Great work to everyone putting in the work.

    If you are curious about CFE, please come. You will only learn, and get better! PROMISE!

    love- your friendly CFE coach KT!


  4. Everyone did good work at the 5 PM endurance yesterday. 1/3 of a Hero WOD is still a Hero WOD! It is exciting to see everyone making such great progress!


  5. Myself, Mary Michal, and Tom did this one on the rower yesterday. My hamstrings were begging for mercy on this one. Tom did all the burpee pullups first, then rowed straight through. Mary and I did three one-mile rows, with 25 burpee pullups in between. Tom got 25ish, Mary 27ish, Me 32:54. Ugh.


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