WOD’s for the Week of 1/7

cfe 1 yr

Happy Anniversary CFE! 1 Year ago this week KT, Chad and I kicked this thing off with a bang! Thanks for such an awesome year guys. We will celebrate our anniversary week with the endurance total to see how far we have come and how far we still have to go together! Don’t forget to update the PR board!


Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): perform each distance as an all out time trial effort. Rest approx 5 min between each sprint- 200M TT, 400M TT, 800M TT, 1mile TT

C2: perform each distance as an all out time trial effort. Rest approx 5 min between each sprint- 250M TT, 500M TT, 1000M TT, 2K TT

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 5K TT

C2: 5K TT


7 thoughts on “WOD’s for the Week of 1/7

  1. Those pictures make me so happy! So proud of where CFE is and everyone! Thank you Chad and Elizabeth for all you do, and thank you CFS owners who let us “do our thing!”
    Can’t wait to PR with you all this week!
    Tuesday looks nice, plan on running outside!!


  2. I am so proud of being a participant in the Endurance classes since the first class last January. Thanks to all the coaches for writing great WODS, pushing us to run hard and correcting our form. Thanks to CFS for allowing endurance to do there thing.

    My sentiments with Scott. With a winter so far of hibernating and eating like a grizzly bear, my times today might be a little rough. Looking forward to hitting the pavement again. It looks like the weather might be pretty good tonight so a good day to strike some pose running.


  3. My 5PM crew had a great turn out and put in a lot of hard work! We saw some PR’s and updated the board with our times. Special shout out to Lisa G…. I saw her put forth an effort and speed I have never seen from her. All your hard work is showing Lisa, I am proud of you.
    Today I had the pleasure of joining KT’s class for my big CFE come back! It was great to be outside running. I have a ways to go but I was happy to just be out running for the first time in a long time. 200-:39, 400-1:27 800- 3:26 1mi-7:11

    Great job to everyone- it has been such a great year and awesome to watch endurance find its place in the gym and our athletes training.- Elizabeth


  4. I ran my 5k yesterday with a friend of mine that I’m usually slightly trailing every time we run, and I beat her by 35 secs. This crossfit stuff may be legit!! My time was 26.50


  5. Big congrats to all the pr’s this week!
    Tuesday numbers:
    Alissa: :37/-/-/7:45
    Melissa: :45/1:45/-/7:18
    Elizabeth: :39/1:27/3:26/7:11
    Andy: :34/1:21/3:11/6:02
    Kamille: :45/!:59/4:16/8:35
    Steph: :46/1:55/4:12/8:26
    Mary: :40/-//7:45

    31:45 Steph
    29:36 Mary
    26:?? Jared – sorry you went the wrong way!!

    See you next week for a new cycle! Great job this week!


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