WOD’s for the Week of 2/18

CFSC_Endurance_BlackCFE Seminar pic


Are you signed up for the upcoming CFE Seminar at Crossfit of the Ozarks coming up 3/30-3/31. You don’t want to miss this awesome seminar for both crossfitters and endurance athletes alike. Follow the link below to get signed up.

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): “Short Tosh” – 3 rounds for time (100, 200, 400)  Rest the exact amount of time it takes you to do each effort.

C2: “Short Tosh” – 3 rounds for time, row (125, 250, 500)Rest the exact amount of time it takes you to do each effort.

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): 3 x 1200 with 3:00 Rest

C2: 3 x 1200 with 3:00 Rest


1. 1/2 marathon training class 2/ 23 @ 8AM .

2. Crossfit Endurance Trainers Course @ Crossfit of the Ozarks 3/30-3/31– Don’t miss this! Awesome opportunity!

3. 3/9- Gladiator Run

4. 3/16 Sham Rox-15K & 5K  

5. 3/23- Pitter  Pat 5K and 10K

5 thoughts on “WOD’s for the Week of 2/18

  1. Hey guys! Sorry about the weather this past Saturday! Please read posts regarding cancellation/make up classes on the CrossFit Springfield blog, the CrossFit Running Facebook group, or here. I am going to try and make up my 5k this week, I hope you all can get it in as well. Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday at 2 p.m. for the make up. Please post your times here, and be ready to use those 5k times for formulating tempo pace times, etc. You can enter your time in the McMillian Running generator (see notes from the half marathon paperwork). Hope the weather cooperates as we move forward! Have a great run! – kt


  2. 5k time 28:57 on Sunday. My PR is 28:20. Coming off a shin splint hiatus, though, so I’ll take it. Great job to all who ran on Sunday!


  3. Hit up some short tosh on the east side on Tuesday with josh and Sara! They run every tues/thus at 9 at east and are preparing to kick off their own CFE program over there soon! If you ever need to make up a workout feel free to drop in and join them.

    Short tosh
    19, 41, 1:41
    20, 44, 1:45
    20, 441:43


  4. Hey to all of the CFE/Half Marathoners! Tomorrow looks really cold – low of 18 degrees tonight. I will plan on being at the gym at 8 if anyone wants to bundle way up and run either a 5k for time (last week’s workout) or follow the plan of running a 5k at 85% of 5k TT. WORST case? We could stay in and row, pick up Thursday’s long intervals on the rower (3×1500, I believe) or do the group WOD. Thoughts?


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