WODs for the Week of 6/17



CFE Coach Leslie at Crossfit Aruba… must be rough!

Getting Ready to Run- The Warm-Up- Tabata Times

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): 4 – 8 x 400m, rest 2:00, hold within 3-5 seconds

C2: 4 – 8 x 500m, rest 2:00, hold within 3-5 seconds

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM): Mack’s 20:10 (Tabata run until a total of 2 Miles Completed)

C2: “Mack’s 20:10″ (Tabata row until a total of 2 Miles Completed)


1. Looking for another race? Check our the “Upcoming Events” tab for more local races.

2. Crossfit Kids Springfield is now open for business!!! This summer: Group WOD classes for ages 5-17 at 9 am, noon, and 4 p.m., Team Training and Personal Training by appointment, Plus! Family WODs Saturdays at 10 a.m. Rates and complete schedule can be found at crossfitkidsspringfield.com.


4 thoughts on “WODs for the Week of 6/17

  1. Great job, 10a crew! CFE vs. lawnmowers, semis, you name it = CFE wins everytime! 😉

    Amanda 2:06/2:09/2:31/2:43/–/–/2:13
    Karen 2:22/2:33/2:30/2:28/2:45
    Leslie 1:42/1:43/1:43/1:43/1:45/1:44/1:44/1:45
    Jen T. 1:46/1:45/1:44/1:46/1:46/1:46/1:47/1:44
    Matthew 1:28/1:28/1:28/1:30/1:31/1:34/1:33
    Michael 1:52/1:54/1:49/1:49/1:47/1:46/1:44/1:41


  2. Looks like the endurance classes going strong. I have been nursing my knee back to running again. Been giving out a little bit after running longer distances so miss getting out there. So resting it from running, but want to get in that routine again. CFE is hard.

    Might start the rowing endurance til I can


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