WODs for the Week of 8/18


Congratulations, Jerry! Your hard work and dedication to CFE have not gone unnoticed! Jerry is consistent in his training, has shown remarkable improvement this year, and is always encouraging to his fellow athletes. Here’s a little glimpse into the life of our soft-spoken, lightning fast friend…


CFE Jerry Pic CFE Jerry Run

     I would like to thank all the CFE coaches for nominating me for the CrossFit Endurance Athlete Spotlight. I have enjoyed being coached and pushed by the great coaches. My name is Jerry Stewart, but only people at the box call me Jerry; all my friends outside of the box call me Stu. I come from a military family. We settled here in Republic, Missouri, when I was in sixth grade. I graduated from Republic High School in 1995. I’m a production supervisor for Loren Cook Company for the last fifteen years. I’m married to a beautiful fellow CrossFitter, Julie Stewart. We both have been doing CrossFit for over a year and attend the 5pm class. I have been doing CFE for about 8-10 months. We have two future CrossFitters, a 6-year old daughter named Lexie and a 2-year old son named Logan (burpees are their specialty). My wife and I are lucky that both our kids enjoy going to the daycare at CrossFit.

     The one thing about me that people at the box might not know is that I am a big time Nebraska football fan. I’m a season ticket holder for the football games. In two weeks you won’t see me much on weekend’s because I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, A LOT. “Go Big Red!!”

     I have been on and off running all my life. I enjoy running and how I feel after putting in a good run. I like to run in local races. I am training for a Tough Mudder in September, Bass Pro Half Marathon in November, and hopefully HOA in November. My goals that I hope to achieve through CFE are to run a mile under six minutes, a 5K under 20 minutes, and to run a full marathon at some point. My CrossFit goals are to be able to do every WOD Rx’d, and to be able to OHS more than my wife! CFE has changed me as a runner by motivating me to run in races and run correctly.  Since joining CFE my times have improved dramatically, so that pushes me to run races and see how well I can do. Not only have I gotten faster, but I have better form now due to the coaching. The one thing that helps me the most is when I’m running I constantly think “pull”—this helps me not to over-stride, and potentially injure myself. My favorite workout is “5K Gone Bad”.  My least favorite workout is “Elizabeth’s Swan Song”. Once again, just want to thank all the coaches and hope to see more people come out and run with us.

This Week’s WODs:

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): “Tail Pipe Partner WOD”–3 rounds of 200m run, where one partner holds a static overhead barbell in snatch grip (95/65) while the other runs

C2:  “Tail Pipe Partner WOD”–3 rounds of 250m row, where one partner holds a static overhead barbell in snatch grip (95/65) while the other rows

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  3 x 1600m with 3:00 rest between efforts

C2:  3 x 1600m row with 3:00 rest between efforts

Cherish Kids


1.  Don’t forget the half marathon training run Saturday, August 24th at 8am (CFS West)! This week’s assigned run is a 10K Time trial. Better yet…sign up to run the Cherish Kids 10K in Ozark (register HERE)! If you plan to do this race, post to comments.

2.  Planning to participate in ANY of the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival Events? Join our CFS Endurance Team for Isabel’s House! Ask any of your CFE coaches for details, OR “like” Coach Leslie’s Facebook page, “Bass Pro Team Isabel’s House/CFS” for current updates and information.

4 thoughts on “WODs for the Week of 8/18

  1. Well Deserved Jerry. You are one of the strongest runners I have seen at CF and I admire your hard work at CFE. I try to keep up in the first two or three steps, but I often just see the back of your shirt.

    Keep it up and it’s always a pleasure to train next to you.


  2. I am signed up for the 10k for Cherish

    I’ll have to agree with Brian on this one- – I just can’t keep up with Jerry. He’s too consistently fast!!!
    But behind every great guy is a great woman- Julie’s pretty awesome too!!


  3. Big groups for “Tailpipe” this week! Better see just as many of you for long interval on Thursday…don’t be afraid! 😉 Lots of new faces today–welcome to CFE!

    Did this one with Mary Michal, 5:41Rx. Nice job, everybody!


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