WODs for the Week of 8/25


Cam Tri Training 

He didn’t learn that from his DAD! 😉

This Week’s WODs:

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM): Three separate efforts–3 x Band Resisted Sprints, 3 x 5:10:5 Shuttle Runs (timed), 8x100m run with 10 seconds rest between efforts

C2:  8x100m row with 10 seconds rest between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  “Tosh”–3 rounds for time (200m, 400m, 600m) with 1:1 Work:Rest

C2:  “Tosh”–3 rounds for time (250m, 500m, 750m row) with 1:1 Work:Rest


1.  Don’t forget the half marathon training run Saturday, August 31th at 8am (CFS West)!

2.  Planning to participate in ANY of the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival Events? Join our CFS Endurance Team for Isabel’s House! Ask any of your CFE coaches for details, OR “like” Coach Leslie’s Facebook page, “Bass Pro Team Isabel’s House/CFS” for current updates and information.

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