WODs for the Week of 9/1


Is YOUR Team Endurance-Ready for HOA5???

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CrossFit Endurance Springfield is excited to announce the addition of team endurance WODs to our regular programming, beginning this week! This is an awesome opportunity for you and your teammates to improve on your running form and conditioning, and to perfect your communication skills as a team. So grab your teammates, lace up your “fast shoes”, and come join us at CFE! 


This Week’s WODs:

**We WILL have class on Labor Day

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  6 x 400m with 90 seconds rest between efforts

C2:  Row 6 x 500m with 90 seconds rest between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  “GYMNASTICS GONE BAD!” (Partner WOD)*

Both athletes must begin each 800 meter run together. Both athletes must return from each run before either can begin working. Once both athletes have returned from the run, they can work simultaneously to complete the repetitions.

For time:
Both Athletes Run 800 Meters
Athlete 1: 30 Ring Dips
Athlete 2: 6 Rope Ascents (15’)
Both Athletes Run 800 Meters
Athlete 1: 6 Rope Ascents (15’)
Athlete 2: 30 Ring Dips
Both Athletes Run 800 Meters
Athlete 1: 30 Pull Ups
Athlete 2: 30 Paralette Push Ups
Both Athletes Run 800 Meters
Athlete 1: 30 Paralette Push Ups
Athlete 2: 30 Pull Ups

* This WOD can be adapted for your HOA team, utilizing 4 or all 6 of your teammates. If you do so, females work together as “Athlete 1” and males work together as “Athlete 2”. Increase the number of repetitions to 60 (pushups/pullups/ring dips) and 12 (rope ascents). Partition the reps as desired. One female and one male will work simultaneously to complete the work. ALL athletes will run together, as written.

C2:  “GYMNASTICS GONE BAD!”:  Sub 800m row for run portion of WOD


1.  “Like” our Facebook page, CrossFit Running, for weekly WOD updates and announcements!

2.  Don’t forget the half marathon training run Saturday, September 7th at 8am (CFS West)!

3.  Planning to participate in ANY of the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival Events? Join our CFS Endurance Team for Isabel’s House! Ask any of your CFE coaches for details, OR “like” Coach Leslie’s Facebook page, “Bass Pro Team Isabel’s House/CFS” for current updates and information.

5 thoughts on “WODs for the Week of 9/1

  1. Great work to the athletes who came to the 10 a.m. today!!!

    Jeff 123/125/124/126/125/123
    Michael 137/140/138/141/137/134
    Cindy 150/149/152/154/200/159
    Lisa 143/140/145/145/148/147
    Shweta 151/149/153/155/200/158
    Jj 150/140/140/137/136/134


  2. Monday PM Crew:

    BRice 133/136/134/136/133/125
    Mari 202/206/204/212/209/–
    Joel 158/157/159/200/201/153
    Jerry 85/92/88/87/87/80
    Julie 151/153/156/157/156/152
    Lindsay 143/143/145/139/139/140
    Kaitlin 202/200/202/206/157/200

    Nice work!!!


  3. Thursday PM Crew rocked this WOD! Way to stay strong, everybody! Can’t wait to try this one with my team tomorrow morning!

    BRice/Matthew 32:15
    Jerry/Ben 30:13
    Sarah/Tonya 33:00
    Joel/Julie/Mari (shadowed reps) 33:50


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