WODs for the Week of 9/22

A BIG CFE Thank You to Scotty Taylor for coming through with some sweet new swag, just in time for Fall! If you haven’t claimed your hoodies and such as of yet, check at the front desk!

CFE Scotty T

Congrats to all of our athletes who braved the “Tough Mudder” in Kansas this weekend! Great job, everybody!

CFE Golden Girls TM


This Week’s WODs:

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  “KB SNATCH SPRINTS” (Partner WOD)–Each athlete must complete all work for the round before their partner can begin. The clock stops when Athlete 2 completes the 4th round.
4 Rounds for Time:
Athlete 1: 16 Single Arm KB Snatches (55/35), Run 200 Meters
Athlete 2: 16 Single Arm KB Snatches (55/35), Run 200 Meters

C2:  “KB SNATCH SPRINTS”–4 Rounds for Time:  16 Single Arm KB Snatches (55/35), Row 250m

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  8x “Over and Back” hill sprints on the bridge with 2:00 Rest

C2:  Row 1200m, then Tabata Row:  8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off–ALL OUT EFFORTS. Finish with 1200m row.

**For some insight on running hills, check out this video prior to tackling this week’s Long Interval WOD…



1.  Join your fellow CFE’ers, and register TODAY for the 2013 Panther Run–Saturday, October 5th, at the O’Reilly Family Event Center on Drury University Campus. There are 15k, 10k, and 5k options, and an unbelievable amount of prize giveaways! All entries benefit “Care to Learn”, in the school district of your choice. Post to comments if you plan to run!

2.  “Like” our Facebook page, CrossFit Running, for weekly WOD updates and announcements!

3.  All CFE classes are now on WODIFY! Be sure to sign in and post your results!

4.  Planning to participate in ANY of the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival Events? Join our CFS Endurance Team for Isabel’s House! Ask any of your CFE coaches for details, OR “like” Coach Leslie’s Facebook page, “Bass Pro Team Isabel’s House/CFS” for current updates and information.

2 thoughts on “WODs for the Week of 9/22

  1. I did the long interval tonight at home. There’s a BIG, steep hill at the entrance of my neighborhood that crests, then goes immediately downhill–much like the footbridge. But worse. I did 4x over and back, for a total time of 20:50. Wow. That’s a mental fight. My up, over, and backs ranged from 3:31 on the first to 4:01 on the last. Have fun tomorrow, guys!


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