WODs for the Week of 11/3

Start Your Engines, Athletes! IT’S HOA WEEK!!!

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Many of you have trained with us for many weeks now, in preparation for HOA5. On behalf of ALL of your CFE coaches, I would like to say that we are SO impressed with the effort and determination that ALL of you have shown in readying yourselves for this competition. The progress you’ve made is undeniable–and you should be confident that you’ve taken your endurance threshhold to a whole new level. Thank you for trusting us to get you there. Now trust in your training–trust in yourselves and each other! NO FEAR! GO GET SOME HOA5!!!

–Jen C

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Bass Pro Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay this weekend! SO PROUD!!! Post your hard-earned PR’s and times to comments!

This Week’s WODs:

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  “Death by 10 Meters”–With a continuously running clock,  run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute, and so on until you cannot complete the prescribed distance for the current minute. Post total rounds to Wodify.

C2:  “Death by 20 Meters”–With a continuously running clock, row 20 meters the first minute, 40 meters the second minute, and so on until you cannot complete the prescribed distance for the current minute. Post your distance for the last (incomplete minute), PLUS the total distance traveled to Wodify.

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  3 x 1600 with 5:00 Rest (Hold 3-5 Seconds)

C2:  We cannot guarantee the rowers will be in house on Thursday due to HOA. Go outside and run! 🙂

Stay BAMFy, My Friends…

HOA III Part Deux 068


1.  Come out and support your friends and CFS family THIS WEEKEND at HOA5!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Mediacom Ice Park! Click HERE for event details!

2.  “Like” our Facebook page, CrossFit Running, for weekly WOD updates and announcements!

2 thoughts on “WODs for the Week of 11/3

  1. I did my first BP event, the Marathon relay. I was the third leg and ran a 10k with an average pace of 7:59, a PR for me! My team won the female division! It was so much fun, I highly recommend it!! Congrats to Karen and Amanda on their half’s!!!!!!!!!!


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