Announcing CrossFit Endurance Springfield’s Half Marathon Training Program

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New Year…New Goals!

Are you ready attempt your first half marathon? Ready to run another one? Either way, your CFE coaches are ready to help you achieve your goal. We’ve got a 13-week training plan prepared to help get you there…now you just need to COMMIT!

3, 2, 1…GO!


go girl

Images from last year’s Go Girl Half Marathon


Whether you’ve got your eyes set on the Go Girl Half, or another race, our 13-week training plan is suitable and adaptable for each of you!


Our training plan consists of Tempo/Time Trial WODs for the next thirteen weeks, beginning Sunday, January 19th. These are to be paired with the short interval and long interval workouts we perform in endurance class, as well as with the programmed CF WODs in the gym. This is a brand new format, similar to training plans we’ve offered previously, but not exactly the same.

We will offer periodic Sunday classes, beginning January 19th, where we will be performing the assigned tempo/time trial WODs. The Sunday classes will be held at CFS at 2pm. Childcare will be available. Week One’s WOD is a 5K time trial, and will be coached by Jen C.  Sunday classes will not be held every week. On the weeks where a Sunday class will not be held, it is expected that you will complete the assigned WOD for that week on your own, or with a group of others. A full Sunday schedule will be released later this week, for your planning purposes.

This training program is being offered at no additional cost to our CFS members. Please use this blog, and the CrossFit Running Facebook page to communicate your progress, coordinate scheduled runs with others, and to ask questions/share experiences, as always. Printed copies of the training plans will be available in the CFE corner at CFS no later than tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 1/12), and are also available via email. Please let us know if you’d like an e-copy of the plan by emailing coach Jen C at

Two things:  We do not want to exclude the boys this time around, and the Go Girl event falls on Easter weekend this year (bummer). That being said, here are a few other events along the same time frame to consider training for as well, if you’re a) not a girl, or b) not able to participate in the Go Girl. 🙂

4/12     Rock the Parkway Half Marathon–Kansas City, MO

4/16     Camp Barnabas Half Marathon–Springfield, MO

4/19     Go Girl Half Marathon–Springfield, MO

4/26     Garmin Half Marathon–Olathe, KS

4/26     Frisco Railroad Half Marathon–Springfield, MO

5/10     Joplin Memorial Half Marathon–Joplin, MO

Let us know if you plan to join us! YOU CAN DO IT! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email: 

Chad Brinkley

Kristy Taylor    

Leslie Gloe      

Jen Cochran   

Go girl


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