WODs for the Week of 3/9


Are you ready to get your ShamRox on???

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This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (Mon 5pm, Tues 10AM):  10 x 200 with 60 seconds rest between efforts (hold 1-3 seconds)

C2: 10 x 250m Row with 60 seconds rest between efforts (hold 1-3 seconds)

Long Interval (Thurs 10AM, Thurs 5PM):  “FROGGER!” Partner WOD–Each partner runs 4 x 400m. While one partner is running, the other partner is performing Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″). Score #1 is the total time it takes both partners to finish. Score #2 is the total number of Burpee Box Jumps completed. Rx PLUS:  BOTH partners complete the WOD wearing a 20lb weight vest.

C2:  “FROGGER!” Partner WOD (as above), subbing 500m Row for run portion of WOD.

(Sun 3/16)–@ CFS, 2pm, with Coach Chad. ** FYI–the run scheduled for this day is rather lengthy. Childcare WILL ONLY be available from 2pm-3pm. Please keep that in mind when considering how long this run will take you, and make other childcare arrangements as necessary. Thanks! Email Jen C at jencochran72@gmail.com for training plan details, if you don’t already have yours.

CFE Barbra and Friends

Thursday night’s crew…ready to go! Except Jerry. Jerry’s asleep. Wake up, Jerry! 😉


1.  Need some new shoes?? Or running gear?? Check out this week’s Zulily events on Zulily.com! Save 40-50% on Brooks and Pearl Izumi shoes, and running gear including hats, clothing, arm warmer sleeves, etc. Its free to sign-up! Discounts for Brooks end on 3/10, and for Pearl Izumi on 3/11! Treat yo’self!

2. Our new CrossFit Springfield Endurance Half Marathon training plan consists of Tempo/Time Trial WODs for the next thirteen weeks, beginning Sunday, January 19th. These are to be paired with the short interval and long interval workouts we perform in endurance class, as well as with the programmed CF WODs in the gym. This is a brand new format, similar to training plans we’ve offered previously, but not exactly the same.

We will offer periodic Sunday classes, beginning January 19th, where we will be performing the assigned tempo/time trial WODs. The Sunday classes will be held at CFS at 2pm. Childcare will be available from 2pm-3pm. Sunday classes will not be held every week. On the weeks where a Sunday class will not be held, it is expected that you will complete the assigned WOD for that week on your own, or with a group of others.

Half Marathon training class schedule for March is as follows:

3/16–2pm with Coach Chad

3/23, 3/30–no classes, run on your own or with a group

**April dates TBA…

This training program is being offered at no additional cost to our CFS members. Email Jen C at jencochran72@gmail.com if you’d like an e-copy of the training plan.

3.  “Like” our Facebook page, CrossFit Running, for weekly WOD updates and announcements!

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