WODs for the Week of 4/20


JOB WELL DONE to ALL of our CFS athletes who completed the Go Girl Half Marathon this weekend! Lots of PRs and a first time finisher, too! Here’s a few pics from the weekend…check out our Facebook page for more!

CFE mari

Mari finishes her first half marathon! Congratulations, Mari!

CFE three girls

Rachel, Ashley, and Melanie striding across the finish! Way to go, girls!

CFE pace markers

Amanda and Angie celebrate their success!

This Week’s WODs

**PLEASE NOTE…The short and long interval WODs have been reversed this week in honor of Monday’s running of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Please come and honor those whose lives were taken or affected by the tragic events of last year’s race, and support those who will courageously and adamantly run again this year–proving that the human spirit will always prevail over fear and darkness. #bostonstrong

boston strong

Short Interval (This week ONLY, short interval will be held on Thursday 10am/5pm): 20 x 100 with 60 seconds rest between efforts

C2: 20 x 125m Row with 60 seconds rest between efforts

Long Interval (This week ONLY, long interval will be held on Monday 5pm/Tuesday 10am): “BOSTON STRONG”–4 Rounds for Time:  Run 1200m, 4 Pistol Squats (R/L=1), 15 Stationary Overhead Lunges (45/25), 18 Burpee Pullups, 26 Box Jumps (24/20″ Games Standard), 2 Manmakers (40/25)

C2: “BOSTON STRONG”–4 Rounds for Time:  WOD as above, substitute 1200m Row for Run portion of WOD



1. CFE Napoleon Dynamite T-shirts are nearly complete! Stay tuned to the FB page for more details!

2. “Like” our Facebook page, CrossFit Running, for weekly WOD updates and announcements!


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