WODs for the Week of 5/25

This Week’s WODs

Short Interval (Mon 5pm/Tues 10am): “Helen”–3 rounds for time of 400m run, 21 KB swings (55/35), 12 pullups

C2: “Helen”–3 rounds for time of 500m row, 21 KB swings (55/35), 12 pullups

Long Interval (Thurs 10am/5pm): 800m, rest 2:00, 1000m, rest 3:00, 1200m, rest 3:00, 1000m, rest 2:00, 800m

C2: 800m row, rest 2:00, 1000m row, rest 3:00, 1200m row, rest 3:00, 1000m row, rest 2:00, 800m row


1.  NO CLASS on Monday, 5/26, in observance of Memorial Day.

2.  If you haven’t already…please pay Scott Taylor for your Napoleon Tshirts!!!


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