WODs for the Week of 6/22

Announcing CrossFit Endurance Springfield’s 2014 Dogwood Canyon Training Plan


Your CFE coaches are excited to announce a 12-week Dogwood Canyon training program, beginning the week of July 20th!  Starting that week puts our last long run October 11/12–one week before Dogwood. The goal of this plan is to give our athletes trail running experience and to do some workouts that train runners for the types of movements and fatigue that running 1.5 hours plus will bring.

This plan will be general enough in nature for all–whether running the 15k, 25k, or otherwise–though can also be modified for those who are trying the 25k/50k challenge. We will encourage runners to talk with the coaches to help dial in a program more specific to what course(s) they may be doing.

The framework will be similar to the half-marathon training guide we’ve provided in the past, in that we will encourage you to consider and follow the guidelines for nutrition, recovery, and mobility. We want to keep you healthy and injury-free in the time leading up to your race, and be sure you’re prepared for the demands this type of endurance event will place on your body.

The long runs of the half-marathon plan will be substituted with trail experience and field trips to venues such as Two Rivers, The Nature Center, and Busiek. Athletes will need time pieces! So prepare accordingly! The trail experiences will be coach-led by Kristy Taylor, Leslie Gloe, and CrossFit-Springfield’s superstar Endurance/Trail guru Ron Bogart!

CFE Ron Bogart

The plan will be available for email distribution later this week. Please email Jen C at jencochran72@gmail.com if you’d like an e-copy of the plan, and in the email please indicate which of the events you are signed up to race. We will announce a kick-off meeting soon–stay tuned! A HUGE thank you to Kristy and Ron for writing such a phenomenal training program! You guys are going to LOVE it!

Finally, Bass Pro Shops is hosting a Dogwood Training group meeting on Wed, June 25th at 6pm, in the Uncle Buck’s Meeting Room. Their first scheduled training run is slated for July 26th at Two Rivers. If any of the CFE schedule runs are in opposition to your schedule, this plan would provide alternative group running opportunities should you need them. Ask Coach Kristy for details!

This Week’s WODs

“CrossFit Endurance Total” Week

Short Interval (Mon 5pm/Tues 10am):  200m TT, 400m TT, 800m TT, 1600m TT with 5:00 rest between efforts

C2:  250m TT row, 500m TT row, 1000m TT row, 1600m TT row with 5:00 rest between efforts

Long Interval (Thurs 10am/5pm): 5K TT

C2:  5K TT row

HOA6 logo


1.  Next week begins Week One of our newest 12-Week Cycle. This cycle will span June 29-September 20, and will include our annual Heart of America Team Training WODs (which are already written, and are freaking awesome)! We’re gearing up bigger, better, and more hard-core than ever to help get YOUR team on the podium this year! Stay tuned…

2.  Please…without fail…sign in to Wodify when you attend Endurance class. The owners rely on this information to track attendance, determine resources needed, etc. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Your coaches will help to assure you’re all signed in! While you’re at it…

3. Don’t forget to record your times/performance in Wodify! This is imperative if you’re to track your progress over time. Wodify makes it SO easy! Remember…you should denote your performance as “Rx’d” IF you have completed the WOD exactly as written, including having completed all rounds, held the prescribed intervals (i.e. 3-5 seconds), and rested the prescribed time between intervals. This is a group that really push one another–so don’t lead your pals astray and post all crazy! 🙂

4.  Like our Facebook page, “CrossFit Running”, for up-to-the-minute information and updates!



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