WODs for the Week of 1/18

  2015 Reckless Rowathon at CrossFit Springfield! Thank you to everyone who came out and rowed for the Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund! The day was a HUGE success…and so much FUN! (Who knew rowing could be so fun?) This Week’s WODs  Short Interval (Mon 5pm/Tues 10am): 3 Rounds–8 x 100 with 10 seconds rest between efforts. RestContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 1/18”

WODs for the Week of 1/11

Thank You, KT!                Our AMAZING coach and friend, Kristy Taylor, will be leaving our coaching staff to pursue an exciting opportunity in Advertising/Marketing. We wish her the very best in everything that she does–and know that she will shine in this new endeavor! KT–I think I can speak for everyone, when I say thatContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 1/11”

WODs for the Week of 1/4

   Announcing…The 2015 SWSF Reckless Rowathon! We at CrossFit Springfield, are joining forces with Reckless CrossFit and CrossFit Nixa…to row a FULL marathon (42,195 meters) for charity! First? Find yourself a team of THREE awesome CrossFitters! The three of you will work together–one rowing at a time–to achieve a full marathon distance during this event. For a contributionContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 1/4”