WODs for the Week of 1/4


 Announcing…The 2015 SWSF Reckless Rowathon!


We at CrossFit Springfield, are joining forces with Reckless CrossFit and CrossFit Nixa…to row a FULL marathon (42,195 meters) for charity!

First? Find yourself a team of THREE awesome CrossFitters! The three of you will work together–one rowing at a time–to achieve a full marathon distance during this event. For a contribution of $50 each (totaling $150), you and your team will collaborate, partitioning meters as you prefer, to achieve the distance and provide educational funding for children of fallen soldiers.

Every dollar that is raised will go directly to the Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund. This fund was set up by Recon and Marsoc Marines for their brothers who were lost overseas in Afghanistan. The Scholarship fund can be awarded to anyone that has a direct familial relationship to a Recon or Marsoc Marine.

**Contact Coach Jen C ASAP if you plan to participate**

Event Details

Saturday, January 17th, 2015 at CrossFit Springfield


Entry Fees May be Paid at the Event! For More Information, Check Out THIS link!

3, 2, 1…ROW!!!

CFE 13.1 image

It’s that time again…time to start thinking about Spring racing season! We are ready to help you achieve your goals! We have not one, but TWO half marathon training plans for you to choose from…you just have to ask! If you’re interested in beginning a training program in the next couple of weeks, please contact Coach Jen C via email at jencochran72@gmail.com.

 This Week’s WODs 

Short Interval (Mon 5pm/Tues 10am): “Short Tosh” – 3 Rounds (400 Meters, 200 Meters, 100 Meters) Work: Rest is 1:1

C2: “Short Tosh” – 3 Rounds (500 Meter Row, 250 Meter Row, 125 Meter Row) Work: Rest is 1:1

Long Interval (Thurs 10am/5pm): 5 x 800 with 3:00 rest between efforts

C2: 5 x 1000m Row with 3:00 rest between efforts

Mobility Focus:  “A Runner’s Blueprint for Mobility: Q & A with Dr. Kelly Starrett and TJ Murphy”

CFE KT Dogwood

Next Week on the Blog…Everything KT. 🙂


1. Our AMAZING coach and friend, KT, will be leaving our coaching staff soon to pursue an exciting opportunity in Advertising/Marketing…and we want to send her off right! Please join us on Thursday, Jan 15th at 6:30pm for a “Thank You, KT…From CFE” Celebration, Big Whiskey’s Republic Road!

2.  Please…without fail…sign in to Wodify when you attend Endurance class. The owners rely on this information to track attendance, determine resources needed, etc. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Your coaches will help to assure you’re all signed in! While you’re at it…

3. Don’t forget to record your times/performance in Wodify! This is imperative if you’re to track your progress over time. Wodify makes it SO easy! Remember…you should denote your performance as “Rx’d” IF you have completed the WOD exactly as written, including having completed all rounds, held the prescribed intervals (i.e. 3-5 seconds), and rested the prescribed time between intervals. This is a group that really push one another–so don’t lead your pals astray and post all crazy! 🙂

4.  Like our Facebook page, “CrossFit Running”, for up-to-the-minute information and updates!

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