WODs for the Week of 3/1


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CFE Announcement–

As of today, we are going to suspend our daytime CFE classes on Tues/Thurs at 10am. We plan to reinstate the daytime classes in late Spring, when the weather has improved, and are considering an early morning time slot to increase accessability and attendance. More on that to come…

No worries…the evening CFE classes are still ON like Donkey Kong! 🙂

As always, we are so thankful for your continued commitment to CFE, and look forward to some big-time Spring PRs from ALL of you! 3, 2, 1…GO!!!

–Jen C, Chad, Leslie, and Allison

This Week’s WODs 

Short Interval (Mon 5pm): 2 x 400 with 2:00 rest, 3 x 300 with 90 seconds rest, 4 x 200 with 60 seconds rest

C2: 2 x 500m Row with 2:00 rest, 3 x 375m Row with 90 seconds rest, 4 x 250m Row with 60 seconds rest

Long Interval (Thurs 5pm):  HERO WOD – “GRIFF”:  Run 800, Run 400 Backwards, Run 800 , Run 400 Backwards

C2: 4 x 800m Row with 2:00 rest between efforts

Mobility Focus: Why Pose Running? Read this…


I Don’t Know About You Guys…But I Literally Can’t Even Right Now with This WEATHER!!!



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