WODs for the Week of 6/21

FUN in the SUMMER SUN!!!    #thisheat  #itsruff  Congrats to Coach Allison on a 10-mile PR this weekend, and Katrina Clark on a 5k PR, too! Way to go, girls! This Week’s WODs  Short Interval (Mon 5pm/Tues 6am): 12 x 300 with 2:00 rest between efforts (hold 1-3 seconds) C2:  12 x 375m Row with 2:00 rest between efforts (holdContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 6/21”

WODs for the Week of 6/14

It’s Getting HOT Out There, Runners!!! Check out the link below discussing hot weather’s impact on pace. Most importantly–be prepared for the hot temps! Stay hydrated, remember your mobility, OR…come to the shiny, brand-new 6AM class to beat the heat! http://runneracademy.com/running-in-hot-weather-impact-on-pace/ Here’s a saucy little Sunday Run Selfie for ya…get out there and be active withContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 6/14”